Islamic State asks attacks in Rio Olympics

El and other jihadist groups urged their followers to act as “lonely wolves”.
21/07/2016 07h17 - Updated 21/07/2016 14h38
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The Islamic State and other jihadist groups urged their followers to act as “lonely wolves” and carry out terrorist attacks during the Olympic Games in Rio, In August.

Among the suggested targets are the US delegations and visitors, England, France and Israel. The proposed methods include the use of small explosives with drones, traffic accidents and the use of poison and drugs.

The defense of the attacks took place in English through the Telegram messaging application, which is usually used to stimulate action “lonely wolves”, analysis revealed SITE Intelligence, consultancy specializing in the performance of extremist groups on the Internet, which is a reference to the theme for the United States government.

In June, the Islamic State Telegram created in the first channel for the spread of jihadist propaganda Portuguese, facing the Brazilian public.

Since then, group of followers began to spread incitement of terrorist acts by a group that calls itself “Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil”, which presents itself as based in the country.

The author of the messages directed followers to take advantage of Rio's slums where crime is widespread and to use the “porous border” with Paraguay to take arms to Brazil.

“The recent post about the Olympic Games in Rio says seen ??, entries and trips to Brazil will be easy to get '”, said the analysis of the SITE.

Second company, jihadists use the Telegram to provide manuals for conducting attacks and celebrate the achievement of attacks.

The SITE suggested that the Brazilian government does not rule out any threat and study the online activity of the Islamic State and other jihadist groups focused not only for public speaking Portuguese.

“Modern terrorism is a new phenomenon for which social media play a dangerous role, with calls for attacks that reach users around the world”, said analysis.

“The terrorist attacks in the past two years show that no country is immune to the threat of EI and radical jihadists”.

In the evaluation of consultancy, recent calls for attacks on the Olympic Games are not surprising. “This is a global event and a target is justified for both EI and for other jihadists”.

In the evaluation of consultancy, Recent attacks by lone wolves showed that the strategic terrorists have been successful. Three days ago, an Afghan immigrant wounded four people with an ax in Germany, in an attack that seems to have been inspired by the EI.

Last week, a Tunisian killed 84 people in Nice, in France, using a truck as a weapon. One month before, a son of Afghans born in the United States murdered 49 people shot in a gay nightclub in Orlando.

“This only feeds more called for attacks and will need only a willing attacker to act in Brazil to play this role”, observed the SITE analysts.


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