temporary and permanent structures increment legacy of the Olympic Games in Manaus

It was delivered on the morning of Thursday(28) the two dressing rooms located within the Amazon Arena, enabling the stadium to host matches in doubles rounds.
28/07/2016 14h31 - Updated 28/07/2016 14h33
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Two new changing rooms, a complex of temporary structures and a new visual signaling increment the legacy left in the capital of Amazonas at the Olympic Games Rio's Olympic Football Tournament 2016, which starts on Thursday, day 4 of August. The State Organizing Committee Manaus 2016, along with the Secretary of State for Sport, Youth and Leisure (Sejel), Secretary of State for Culture (SEC) and Secretary of State for Infrastructure (Seinfra), He delivered on the morning of Thursday, day 28, the two dressing rooms located within the Amazon Arena, enabling the stadium to host matches in doubles rounds, and a new internal and external visual signaling and a number of structures in and around the sports court.

The new changing rooms - built to meet the demand of the four teams that will be both in the stadium, playing double round -, They are located on Level -1 (the same floor as the other two original changing rooms). The site has the complete infrastructure (showers, toilet, pias, etc.), with all environments and able to complete delegation, providing cabinets 18 players. Bid for the company Turin Construction and executed by Seinfra, the work lasted about three months.

As part of the delivered temporary facilities within, are nine containers (some chilled, Used for Broadcast and areas of logistics); eleven platforms for television, scattered stands; 140 positions in the Press Tribune; 34 shops used to organize the entry of viewer, public magazine and own broadcast; but of 1,5 kilometers of fences and railings around the stadium, used to define the security perimeter, organize flow of people, etc.; and using ten units of power generators – and performing services such as electrical systems and support for cabling.

"We are delivering today, definitely, all temporary structures, with all the infrastructure ready overlay within the Olympic Complex (area encompassing the Arena da Amazônia, the Convention Center Vasco Vasques and the Sambadrome). As a legacy to the Arena was made all new signage – bilingual, English Portuguese, the main areas, which will ensure more convenience and safety to spectators and employees. We also delivery of the two dressing rooms that were built, enabling the Arena to receive double rounds, a requirement of Rio 2016 and FIFA to Manaus sediasse the Olympic Football Tournament ", explicou Mario Aufiero, secretary-coordinator of Manaus Committee 2016.

"Besides that, we still have all the Olympic operation, which began this morning and will continue until the day 10 of August, with the area of ​​the Arena isolated Amazon and, from day 1, the area will definitely be isolated and can only access the area who have accredited by Rio 2016. ", He completed the extraordinary Secretary of State.

Both internal and external, signaling consists of new cards in the standard Rio 2016, outlining the areas and internal paths of the Amazon Arena. Parking and all levels of the stadium received the plates in green. Also this week began assembling the look for Manaus event, while Soccer City, It is held by Rio Committee 2016.

According to the holder of Sejel, Fabricio Lima, the folder is working "at the Olympics, but now with the focus on post-Olympics ". "We are responsible for the Amazon Arena itself, then the field is in perfect condition, as never before, ready to receive the double rounds. We won two cloakrooms, it helps a lot to negotiate future games. We are negotiating with clubs of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to receive Brazilian Championship games here, since there in these cities the largest stadiums will be unusable because of the Olympic Games. We are now organizing things so that those games can happen in the best possible way and raise funds for the Arena continues in Blue. From day 11 August we already have games here, only we have to dismantle the structure that has been made here ", stressed Fabricio.

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