Ex-husband says, despite optimistic, Dilma is already thinking about how it would be the beginning in RS

Carlos Araújo is skeptical about the chances of the president away return to the Presidential Palace and see reversal of impeachment as 'unlikely'.
06/07/2016 15h21 - Updated 7/07/2016 07h29
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The labor lawyer Carlos Araujo is skeptical about the chances of ex-wife, the President of the Republic away, Dilma Rousseff, recover its mandate. The gaucho believes that reverse the impeachment in the Senate is “unlikely”. Already own Dilma, he guarantees, it is optimistic. This “stronger than ever” and nourishes the expected return to the presidency. But, although I hope to follow in Brasilia, the PT already thinking about how it would be the beginning in Porto Alegre.

to Araújo, behind the impeachment process, more than anything, is an attempt to prevent former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva return to the presidency in 2018, and one way to do this is to take the “time dele” power. “Attack Lula goes to attack Dilma”, summed up. He added that the support of former President Dilma in the impeachment process was' unexceptionable’ and 'excellent'.

to 78 years, the lawyer coexists with pulmonary emphysema, as he himself says, It has ups and downs. “If I take care of me, I'm fine. If exaggeration, it's a problem”, resume. no time, phase is good. Araújo, which was three times the state deputy PDT in Rio Grande do Sul, He received the report in your home. The cozy residence, the banks of the Guaiba Lake, in the south of the city, It is the same where he lived with Dilma while they were married. Today, It remains the point of family meeting.

Lunches on Saturdays and Sundays usually meet their daughter, Paula, besides her husband and two sons, Gabriel, from 5 years, and William, born in early 2016. The presence of the president away is increasingly common. She visited the state capital in the last three weekends. According to Araújo, It is from the family that Dilma feels “more sheltered”. Life in Brasilia, he says, it is lonely. To follow, check out the main stretches of the interview:

How is Dilma facing the possibility of expulsion?
It's ok. Rousseff is a woman who grows in confrontation. It grows very. It was time that I did not see so well. She does not give much interview, now it has given almost daily. This is because it is in confrontation. It is a requirement that the confrontation imposes.

What has changed with the impeachment vote proximity Senate?
It is in this perspective, not decide whether to stay in Brasilia or not. She has to take some steps because August is there. And the biggest possibility is that her skirt. It is not impossible to remain, but I find it unlikely. Somehow, she has to go seeing how you live here. everyday things. If you do not stay in Brasilia, at least it is longer routed. I repeat, she thinks it will stay in Alvorada, it will reverse the situation, but this does not exclude that start thinking in the days. Her mother is a sick person. If she has to leave the Alvorada tomorrow, where to put the mother? You have to create a structure for this. Regardless of the day to leave, now or after, the natural way it is Porto Alegre.

How do you evaluate the impeachment process underway?
My assessment is that if Lula were to die today ended all, would have impeached or anything. All this is happening is because of 2018, everyone is thinking of how to defeat Lula. And one of the issues is his team not be in power. Attack Lula goes to attack Dilma. The idea is that, They will compete with him in 2018, better be without him having power, Dilma without being in power. Preferable it is one of life Temer in power.

Do you consider yourself a political adviser to the president?
No, it is an invention. In fact we talked very little about politics. When she's here you want to be with family, with grandchildren. No one counselor long distance. Advisor can only be who is there on a daily basis, living the situation. I do not give advice to any Dilma. I'm a friend of hers, and not meddle in anything in her government. It would be absurd of me.

He believes that Dilma is being condemned by popular opinion for mistakes he made in the second term?
I think so, the crisis (economic) reaching. Now (to economy) It is coming out of the bottom, and this came from the preparation that was made earlier. Who will take the laurels can be Temer, Ironically. I think today grew solidarity Dilma. But that is not significant at the moment. Things are decided in Parliament.

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