Ex-marketeer PT signs agreement to start snitching

John Santana and his wife have signed confidentiality agreements with the PGR.
21/07/2016 13h47 - Updated 21/07/2016 13h47
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Former showman PT João Santana and his wife and partner, businesswoman Monica Moura, signed confidentiality agreement with the Attorney General's Office (PGR), document that marks the beginning of the formal process of winning collaboration. Prisoners in Curitiba for five months, this time the couple tries to close a whistleblower double - in early April Monica tried to individual agreement, but the terms were not accepted by prosecutors.

Since 15 June this year the couple is stuck in the incarceration of the Superintendency of the Federal Police in Curitiba. Before, he was detained in the Criminal Medical Complex, the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, it's her, in a women's prison. The transfer, performed over one month, It took place at the request of the lawyers of the duo and with the consent of the Public Prosecutor, to facilitate conversations with their supporters. The agreement is still under negotiation, This means that the two not yet been provided any evidence to attorneys.

The confidentiality agreement is a kind of pre-snitching and precedes the signing of the agreement with Justice. This Thursday, the two will be the first time in front of the judge of the 13th Federal Court in Curitiba, Sergio Moro, who ordered the arrest of the couple.

They will be questioned in criminal proceedings in which account for passive corruption and money laundering due to the receipt of US $ 4,5 millions (R$ 14,6 millions) in 2013 e 2014 representative in Brazil shipyard Keppel FELS and Petrobras supplier, the Zwi Skornick engineer, as a contribution to help fund the campaign for the re-election of the president away, Dilma Rousseff. The payment was made directly to an account of the former marketeer John Santana in Switzerland, and not declared to the Federal Court. In collaboration signed with the prosecution and not yet approved by the Justice, Zwi Skornick confirmed the case of payment related to the company's contracts in Brazil at the request of former PT treasurer, Joao Vaccari Neto.

In the only formal testimony given so far on the subject, Monica claimed that the payments were related to Keppel shipyard contracts in Angola, Santana country where the couple also provided services. As it comes to questioning regarding a specific case, the couple can provide clarification to Live and also ask to be silent if any question is related to the subject of the agreement under negotiation.

In unsuccessful attempt to close collaboration with the MPF in April, Monica admitted raised R $ 10 million to Rousseff's campaign 2014, paid her and John Santana out of the official accounts. In this ocasion, she claimed to have been box 2 in campaigns for Rousseff's election (2010), and by Lula's reelection (2006), besides the municipal campaigns Fernando Haddad (2012), Marta Suplicy (2008) and Gleisi Hoffmann (2008).

according to Monica, payments in cash 2 from 2014 They would have been brokered by former Ministers of Finance Guido Mantega and Antonio Palocci, plus Vaccari. The trio would have indicated that executives should be sought for her and John Santana receive contributions. illegal. The three cited and Dilma's campaign denied the accusation of former ally.

In an attempt to tipoff April, Moura also said the group J&F, controller of Friboi brands and JBS, contributed cash 2 for Dilma campaign directly paying a debt with Focal graphical Making and Visual Communication, São Bernardo do Campo, no ABC Paulista. In season, or group J&F denied having made the payment. In conversations with PGR, Moura reported, still, the entrepreneur Eike Batista made payments on her account and of John Santana abroad, linked to political campaigns by the couple.

The incarceration of PF in Curitiba, the routine of the couple includes almost daily conversations with his lawyers, They are negotiating with prosecutors the whistleblower according. The two are in separate cells, although they are side by side - Monica is alone in his cell 3, Santana and shares space with two people: Marcelo Odebrecht, former president and heir to the eponymous group, and a drug dealer who is trapped in Curitiba since December last year. On Wednesday, Santana lawyers did not return contacts GLOBE.

As the couple Santana, Odebrecht also tries to closing a tipoff agreement. Although the negotiation extends for longer and is more advanced, It is considered the most complex of Lava-Jato. The negotiation of the fine to be paid by the company in leniency agreement started being discussed around R $ 12 billion and would be close to R $ 6 billion.

In negotiations with the PGR, Marcelo Odebrecht is instructed to inform each irregular payment made by the company, including interim, final beneficiaries and their benefit or contract obtained by the company in accordance with the fee paid. Lawyers require clause guaranteeing immediate release of the executive after approval of the agreement - prosecutors reluctant to accept.

Source: The globe

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