Favorite to chair the House have pending litigation

Of the six candidates favorites to succeed, four face some kind of court case, one even appeared in Lava Jato.
11/07/2016 07h36 - Updated 11/07/2016 15h55
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Of the six favorite candidates for deputy succession away Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) as president of the Chamber, four face some kind of court case, one appeared in Operation Lava Jet and the sixth no longer responds to actions because the crimes of which he was accused prescribed.

Among those still account, no charges as embezzlement (diversion of public resources) and even by subjecting employees to working conditions analogous to slavery.

The election of the next mayor, scheduled for Wednesday, will define a central figure for the next government steps.

Besides being the first in line to the president in exercise Michel Temer, the wedge replacement will be able to accelerate or hinder the impeachment process of the PMDB and important projects polls for the government's fiscal adjustment.

Newspaper survey The State of S. Paul checked the backlog of 16 names listed so far to compete in public databases of Justice courts, the upper and electoral courts.

In nine of them, found some kind of procedure. Initiated after the resignation of Cunha, On thursday, the dispute over the post has record number of competitors and promises to move the week before the parliamentary recess in the middle of the year.

favorites. Among the most highly rated in the dispute and possible Centrão candidate (block that gathers 13 matches), Mr Roger Rosso (PSD-DF) It is investigated for embezzlement and indicted for corruption.

The crimes are related to the term buffer as governor of the Federal District, in 2010, after a corruption scandal that gripped the governor José Roberto Arruda and forced the vice, Paulo Octavio, to resign.

The possible direct opponent of Rosso, Beto Mansur (PRB-SP), First Secretary of the Board, It is what has the largest list of pending litigation between the 16 researched.

He has already been convicted and responds to a process for exploration work analogous to slavery on a farm in the interior of Goiás. The case involves 46 workers, seven of which were minors at the time.

In another criminal case in the Supreme Court, Mansur accounts for crime related liability to the period when he was mayor of Santos (1997-2004).

He is also the subject of two investigations in court for crimes against public administration. In the São Paulo Justice, the deputy was also convicted of improper conduct and is the subject of a second action for environmental damage.

Another candidate who appears with good chances, Congressman Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) does not respond to the process, but had his name involved in Operation Lava Jato after appearing in exchange for Leo Pinheiro message, da OAS, asking for donations.

Maia is the subject of a request for investigation of the Attorney General's Office.

Already Fernando Giacobo (PR PR), thanks to prescription, does not respond to currently process, but escaped two criminal cases in the Supreme Court of conspiracy and tax crime.

Also in the running, Heraclitus Fortes (PSB-PI) We had the accounts of the last elections reproved by the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) your state.

The Member may also use the action in which the Electoral Prosecutor seeks the forfeiture of office. Before, He was convicted of improper conduct when he was mayor of Teresina, between 1989 e 1993, to use institutional advertising to self-promotion.

The court ordered compensation to public coffers.

Do PTB, Goias Jovair Arantes was condemned by TRE to use public official in his campaign committee in 2014. He was fined R $ 25 one thousand. Still be appealed to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The outsiders in the race, Hugo Leal (PSB-RJ) He was convicted in Rio for administrative violations in bidding when he was president of the State Traffic Department. Still subject to appeal.

no PP, the two possible candidates also respond to processes. Spyridon Amim (SC) responsible for administrative impropriety and damage to the Treasury and Fausto Pinato (SP) He is accused in action in the Supreme Court accused of perjury.

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