Ally Dilma, former minister Eduardo Braga will vote for impeachment, says Estadão

The decision is not for nothing, after meeting Temer, Braga may have guaranteed support for the TSE vote for impeachment Melo and he takes the governor chair.
26/07/2016 10h32 - Updated 26/07/2016 15h44
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The former governor of Amazonas and former government minister of Mines and Energy Dilma Rousseff (PT), Eduardo Braga (PMDB) should vote for the impeachment of PT, according to a report of Estadão published on Tuesday (26). The decision is for a single purpose: ensuring support to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) vote the mandate of the impeachment of the governor Jose Melo and he takes command of the state.

Braga did not vote on the admissibility of the case in April this year, because it was the Senate leave for health problems and has been doing mystery about how will be the decisive vote for the impeachment of the president away.

According to the report of Estadão, Braga have decided to vote for impeachment, but maintain the mystery until the day of voting. The former minister had met with the interim president, Michel Temer, which belongs to the same party senator and after the meeting decided their vote.

With support Temer, Eduardo Braga has more chances of getting the TSE vote for impeachment Melo.

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