Security forces have apparatus for Operation Olympic Games in Manaus

In total six thousand agents will act 41 institutions, 80 Car, 40 motorcycles, 12 boats, four armored vehicles and five helicopters.
27/07/2016 07h34 - Updated 27/07/2016 15h20
Photo: Press Release / Secom

Missing nine ten days to the start of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the security forces that will act in Manaus during the Olympic Football Tournament games presented on Tuesday (26), the structure that will be used in the operation. Will be six thousand agents 41 institutions including military, Military police, Civil e Federal, Firefighters, Intelligence bodies and other state bodies and the City, Besides 80 Car, 40 motorcycles, 12 boats, four armored vehicles and five helicopters.

The ceremony, which officially marked the beginning of the security activities for the Olympic Games in the capital of Amazonas, It took place at the headquarters of the Amazon Military Command (CMA) and included representatives of all forces will be at work until the day 12 of August. From now on, the three axes of operation - Safety, Intelligence and defense - will be integrated 24 hours based on the Integrated Center for Command and Control (CICC), Public Security Bureau (SSP).

Manaus will host three double rounds of the football tournament in the days 4, 7 e 9 August in the Amazon Arena: day 4 of August (Thursday) to 18h, Sweden x Colombia and 21h, Nigeria Japan; day 7 of August (Sunday) to 18h, Sweden-Nigeria and 21h, Colombia x Japan; it is day 9 of August (Tuesday), to 18h, women's football between Colombia and the United States x 21h, South Africa-Brazil.

According to the Military Commander of the Amazon, General Antonio Miotto, integration will be the key word of the operation. "After a long preparation we had, since last year, all the 41 organs are ready. There were several trainings conducted. The State of Amazonas will give a demonstration of organization and unity throughout Brazil and around the world. People can get very quiet that security and defense will work in full swing ", secured.

The State Secretary of Amazonas Government of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, said that over 2 thousand men are part of the state police forces composed of the Military Police, Civil, Fire Department and the State Traffic Department (DMV). "Adding all the forces, we estimate there about 6 thousand men. All our security force will be involved in the Olympics. At some point one of them will have a mission, demonstrating our ability to work in a coordinated manner ".

Combating terrorism - Sergio Fontes highlighted the integration of actions that causes the operation to be prepared for all circumstances, including the fight against terrorism. "The work of combating terrorism is divided on the intelligence, where we Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency), a Seai (Deputy Intelligence Secretariat), the Federal Police and all others who are working. In the defense and security axis, tactical forces are united and prepared to work together, including chemical threats, you all types of radiological. In the public security, We have shared protocols and we will be intensely protecting delegations and agglomeration sites, as Ponta Negra, Largo San Sebastian and the Arena ".

Besides the Army, the Navy and Air Force will be focused on the protection and national defense operations on the ground, water and air. "We made the Amazon Arena area in a protective bubble in which airspace control agencies will be monitoring any traffic that perhaps wants to penetrate, cross or cross this safety line. both, We have alarm devices and aircraft drive that will be our inclusive hotels in Eduardo Gomes International Airport. There are two air defense aircraft can take off quickly and make the interception and up, is for or case, the destruction of this aircraft invasive if not identified in a timely manner ", said the commander of the 7th Comar, Major Brigadier Waldeisio Ferreira Campos,
Already the Navy of Brazil will participate in the defense and monitoring of strategic structures, with Marines river control and naval patrol the rivers, besides working with a team of negotiation with the Army and also within the team NQBR (Nuclear defense, Chemistry, Biological and Radiological).

For the State Coordinator Olympic Committee Manaus 2016, Mário Aufiero, the mounted security framework will ensure tranquility and success of Manaus games. "Everything that has been planned is running from now with this full integration of security forces. We are pleased with the operation mounted to both the borders and for the capital”, said Aufiero.

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