State Security Forces refine preparation to act in the Olympic Games 2016

Yesterday, day 17, It was performed by a simulated organs of Public Security and Armed Forces.
18/07/2016 08h50 - Updated 18/07/2016 11h46
Photo: Lindemberg Cavalcante / SSP-AM

Simulated of the organs of public security and armed forces, not Sunday (17), He showed the ability of the special forces of the Amazon Military Police, among them the Special Operations Company (COE) with snipers (Snipers), grouping Mars, Rocam and Shock Battalion. The event served to improve the protocols laid down in the Integrated Tactical Plan for the Security of the Olympic Games 2016, In Manaus.

Working seamlessly with other security organs (Civil police, Fire Department, Army, Department of Scientific and Technical Expertise), officers experienced situations considered high risk: attack with hostages and suspected explosive device near the Arena da Amazônia, on Avenida Constantino Nery, center-on area.

All procedures performed during training were followed by the Center for Integrated Command and Control Regional Amazon (CICC-AM), interlocutors with the presence of organs in place of Simulated, on Avenida Constantino Nery, center-on area.

Or event, which included the participation of municipal bodies (Samu and Manaustrans), He followed the integrated action protocols to be adopted in all games, as explained by the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes. "A simulated like this serves to refine the integrated protocols that we use in games. In practice, in case of any occurrence that escape normal, the joint committee formed by various bodies, will adopt the best solution, each in its area of ​​axis ", he said.

stages – simulated, carried out in three steps, it lasted about 60 minutes, and the security officers had to deal with three risk situations that required quick action and the preservation of the lives. The first simulated a police lock broken by a fictitious criminal group in order to test the police commands in riot control. "In this case we had the conventional troops that will be in the areas of acting locks to prevent the attempted invasion of this criminal faction, preserving the isolated area, and ensuring the integrity of all citizens ", He explained the deputy commander of the Amazon Military Police, Euler Ribeiro Colonel.

In the second phase, an armed man is a citizen hostage threatened to death. To try an agreement and save the victim, specialized troop military police were called to deal with the criminal. Unsuccessfully, the decision of the college was to use a special shooter, which hit with shooting the bad guy, protecting the victim's life.

The third demonstration, a suspect material containing explosive device is left in the vicinity of the Arena Amazônia. Police Grouping of Artifact Management Explosives (Mars) They were driven, Isolated site, and the necessary resources made against the measure that eliminated any risk of explosion.

Euler Ribeiro colonel pointed out that the simulated served to test the various PM fronts, that will be used during the games, depending on the needs of each performance. "The Military Police will act in several areas, depending on the need of the occurrence and as resolution of integrated protocols. We will have special troops prepared for the most critical events, conventional troops operating in the ostensible and preventive policing in the event area and throughout the city ", highlighted.

According to Security Secretary, Sergio Fontes, the simulation was carried out within the established parameters of the Integrated Tactical Plan for the Olympic Games in Manaus. "The training is important to evaluate what we can optimize resources to ensure effectively the safety of the event and the city", reported.

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