Knock, if there are any, It is being given by the Judiciary

The minister Dias Toffoli has shown which side is. Ouça novo hit do sambista ‘Boca Nervosasobre a atitude do ministro.
04/07/2016 09h06 - Updated 4/07/2016 11h10
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Knock, if there are any, It is being given by the judiciary - specifically, by STF. The habeas corpus granted by the Minister Dias Toffoli the former minister Paulo Bernardo - and especially the terms with the justified - it was a cold water shower in Lava Jato.

Applied to the other, emptied the prisons of Curitiba. The same Supreme Court which established the high school in prison - this is, before transiting sentence became final -, undid, via Toffoli, the institute of preventive detention. there is paradox.

Paulo Bernardo, accused of diverting R $ 100 million pensioners and pensioners - money that the police still do not know where -, now has the means to undo evidence and ensure the concealment of that garnered. For him, the Liberty, sim, it is preventive.

Previously, even at the beginning of Lava Jato, the Supreme Court ordered release Renato Duque, that has to be arrested, days later, for doing exactly what Sergio Moro sentence tried to avoid: moving a secret account in Monaco, stocked by Petrobras fees. The lesson, apparently, it was useless.

The political activism of the Supreme Court, which made it difficult as he could for the impeachment of the rite in Congress, overriding the law, makes trainbearer wear that all the state institutions today suffers. The case Paul Bernardo is not the most serious.

theory Zavaski, caring two, involved in Lava Jato, They have privileged forum, It was severe in relation to the judge Sergio Moro, because he disclosed the Lula audio, where Dilma gives you the ministerial appointment safe conduct from being arrested.

Recordings of Lula's calls were authorized by the Justice. Incidentally, Dilma called him. There was no violation of the confidentiality of the president. In a similar situation, in 2012, the same STF reacted differently, when staples Justice caught him a conversation between the offender Carlos Waterfall (arrested again) and then-Senator Demosthenes Torres.

Demosthenes, as Dilma, I had privileged forum, but paid the price to be talking to an investigation. Not far if he considered to undermine the effectiveness of that evidence by the fact that the senator was fortuitously captured by the staples of a judicial authorization instance below the law held for him.

No case of Lula, He appealed to a ridiculous minudência: the authorization was stopped two hours before, although the news had not yet arrived to the agents and the telephone - an inevitable time lapse. Prevailed bureaucratic rigor against the gravity of what had been captured. Lula and Dilma loved. No longer villains (despite the immoral act that staged) and become victims. Break, Sergio Moro took a public scolding.

And not only: Teori applied everything that was against Lula, not even having it privileged forum, since his appointment to the ministry was suspended by the same STF, by an injunction of the Minister Gilmar Mendes. Since then, there are the cases against former president, without any explanation for this privilege. It is not and was not a minister and there is no longer the government that it would.

The impression is that the Lava Jato bother the STF, what, where can, acts to stop it. The away President Dilma Roussef repeated - and this has been repeatedly recorded in the media, without there denials – who had six votes in the Supreme Court.

It is not difficult for those who follow the news identify them. And Dias Toffoli, former lawyer of PT and former aide to José Dirceu, integrates lists two, shall we say, suspects. Equally, others captured by recordings - Delcídio Amaral, Mercadante, José Sarney - mentioned links with STF ministers to try to halt complaints and cases. recidivism, confronted with acts such as Teori and Toffoli, gives verisimilitude to suspicions.

The speed with which the court acted against Eduardo Cunha and Jair Bolsonaro - this, like it or not it, without any legal basis -, not repeated in relation to other names, with role in the defense of the PT.

It is worrying that the institution should hover above the political conflicts, to arbitrate-the, has become a participant of this same process, losing the confidence of society. There is an antidote to the crisis. IT IS, today, part.

"Loose Toffoli" is new hit Boca Nervosa

Already with 30 year career, the sambista Boca Nervosa is known for his improvisations. Time ago had launched the song "It's not my", in "tribute" to the discoveries made about Lula. That was not quite an impromptu. But this new music, "Toffoli Solta", It is.

Watch the new hit:

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