Governor says, while unpopular, anti crisis measures prevented the State break

Jose Melo said the balance of accounts, during the inauguration of the new president of TJAM, Judge Flavio Pascarelli.
05/07/2016 09h41 - Updated 5/07/2016 16h12
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The governor Jose Melo said the balance of state government accounts during the inauguration of the new president of Amazon Court, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, on the afternoon of Monday, day 4 July, no Teatro Amazonas. In an interview granted to the press before the ceremony, Jose Melo said that, to have anticipated the crisis and made administrative reforms, with measures often unpopular, according to him, the state managed to keep the salaries of servers, payment providers and essential services of the State.

“The governor has greater responsibilities that require decision making, sometimes bitter, often unpopular, but which are necessary. Because the governor can not let the state break”, said Melo, to emphasize that, “for doing homework”, Amazon is among the four Brazilian states with “a certain fiscal balance”.

“This is the guarantee that we pay supplier, this is ensuring that we pay the salaries of servers days, ensuring that we can advance part of the 13th salary. These are fundamental guarantees. Imagine yourself or State, suddenly, delays the sheet, how many thousands of people will suffer? Not only is the server does not. It is the server that does not pay the tavern, then the chain will complete”.

Melo thanked the understanding of the entire population and the servers and emphasized the team effort of government to "cut in the flesh" to ensure that essential. “I'm keeping what is considered essence, as the major health units, payroll, Safety control, among other priorities. The most important than anything else is the João Lúcio open, O 28 August running, payroll days, after all, many Brazilian states have failed to pay even the 13 of last year”, he emphasized.

About the change of command in TJAM, Jose Melo said the sound institutional relationship he had with the chief judge Graça Figueiredo, who handed the presidency to Judge Flavio Pascarelli, with whom the governor expects a similar relationship. "The chief judge Grace Figueiredo was extremely kind and took us a fraternal and productive relationship from the institutional point of view. Do not expect anything other judge Pascarelli, extremely intelligent magistrate, which has a lot of experience and having at his side, both the mayor and the vice president, two equally experienced judges and high legal culture. Therefore, we hope and certainty that this institutional relationship will continue to be more profitable for the good of the State of Amazonas”, said the governor.

The judge Flávio Humberto Pascarelli Lopes was elected on 03 of May. It replaces the chief judge Graça Figueiredo. On the same occasion, They took possession of the new vice president of TJAM, Judge Jorge Manuel Lopes Lins and the Inspector General, Judge Aristotle Thury.

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