Amazonas Governor authorizes increase in pass percentage to TJAM, MPE e DPE

Melo decided to give up 0,2% the part that is up to the executive branch in the revenue of the state and increase the percentage of planned transfers in LDO.
14/07/2016 14h29 - Updated 15/07/2016 10h32
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At a meeting with representatives of the Legislative, Judiciary and Public Prosecution, Governor Jose Melo decided to give up 0,2% the part that is up to the executive branch in relation to government revenues and increase the percentage of planned transfers in the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) in the following proportions - 0,1% the Amazon Court (TJAM), 0,05% the State Prosecutor (MPE) e 0,05% the Public Defender.

The meeting was held in the Amazon seat of government, on the morning of Thursday, 14 July and was attended by the President of the TJAM, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, the Attorney General of the State Prosecutor, Fabio Monteiro, of state legislators Joshua Neto, David Almeida, Sheba Kings, Abdala Fraxe, Serafim Correa, Platiny Soares, Charles Albert, Dr. Gomes, adjuto Afonso, Bosco Saraiva, would Garcia, Orlando City and Francisco Souza, besides the Treasury secretaries, Afonso Lobo, of planning, Thomaz Nogueira, Civil House, Raul Zaidan.

With the new distribution, a LDO, which will be voted on Thursday, day 14 July, the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (OF-AM), It will be amended in Article 5, which deals with the transfer budget and made the powers, increasing 7,7% for 7,8% the pass percentage of the TJAM, from 3,3% for 3,35% the transfer to the MPE and 1,0% for 1,05% asides that cabe to ECD.

The percentages for the powers are related to net tax revenue estimated in the Tax and Social Security Budgets. Take into account the revenue projection made for 2016, or state will yield about R $ 14 million of the part it deserves, of which R $ 7 million will go to the TJAM, R$ 3,5 million to MPE and R $ 3,5 million to DPE.

The LDO under consideration by state legislators define the guidelines for the implementation of the budget law for 2017, which should be sent in October to vote on ALE-AM, taking into account factors such as fiscal risks, the macroeconomic scenario affecting the public accounts. It is also established the annual fiscal targets of income, expenses, nominal and primary results and the amount of public debt for the triennium 2017, 2018 e 2019.

The bill also contains mechanisms that provide more flexibility in budget management, since it will allow adjustments to the budget when, during execution, Demonstration of impracticability or the need to strengthen some budget allocation already provided.

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