Government of Amazonas delivery equipment to intensify actions against fires

A total of 6.226 to combat and prevent the burnt material was delivered to 14 counties.
15/07/2016 09h44 - Updated 15/07/2016 09h51
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A total of 6.226 to combat and prevent the burnt material was delivered to 14 counties, On thursday, 14, by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of State for the Environment (Schema). They will equip the brigades of forest fires formed by the Amazon Fire Brigade, in each municipality, and intensify actions against hotspots in the state.

Of this total, 2.725 are fighting equipment fire including backpack pumps, earmuffs, machetes and pumps, e 3.501 are printed campaign materials "Say no to fire. You are also responsible ", such as posters and brochures to strengthen prevention work carried out since January this year.

The event was held at the State Park Kapok, in the north, in a coordinated solemnity by Sema and Amazon Fire Brigade. The equipment was delivered to 13 municipalities that make up the metropolitan region of Manaus (RMM), plus Caapiranga, but the goal is that the initiative reach the entire state.

"This equipment will help municipalities in firefighting, but we want people to understand that there is no more, nowadays, accept the practice of burning waste disposal or prepare the soil for agriculture. These ancient practices must end, mainly, with severe El Nino forecast for this year. The State's efforts and municipalities only makes sense if the people have the same understanding ", said the owner of the Sema, Antonio Costs.


The delivery of the materials is part of the implementing steps of the "Plan prevention, control and fighting fires ", released in early June this year, by the State. O plane highlights 23 municipalities where priority actions will be concentrated, including the RMM. They make up the group of municipalities with the highest hotspots records in 2015, when Amazon had 15.170 occurrences, and 9.995, in the period from September to December.

The equipment was purchased with funds from the State Environmental Fund (FEMA), linked to the State Council for the Environment (Cemaam), through an agreement with the Fire Department. Representatives of municipalities also received shirts and a USB flash drive containing the campaign materials against fire for reproduction, and audio and video files to be disseminated in the municipalities. Each municipality received kits to equip two fire brigades.

new brigadiers

In addition to the materials, It is expected the formation of new brigade members who will serve on the front line of fighting the hot spots, in all municipalities. "Last year we formed 1,6 thousand firefighters are prepared to eliminate the fire as soon as detected. This year we will form 2 one thousand. All are volunteers and contribute a lot in firefighting. When prevention is not enough we have to be prepared to fight fires and equipment that have been delivered are critical for this work ", said the general commander of the Fire Department, Fernando Sergio Light.

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