Government of Amazonas deploys care program for victims of violence in the state

The program Start aims to provide a technical and scientific support to the Prosecutor of Justice.
05/07/2016 16h36 - Updated 5/07/2016 16h36
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During the signing ceremony of the technical cooperation agreement with the prosecution of the Amazon (MP-AM) for implementation of the Program of Support for Victims of Violence - Start ", on Tuesday, 5 July, Governor Jose Melo stressed the importance of joining the structures of social and legal area to strengthen the protection of network actions to victims of crime in the state. The program Start aims to provide a technical and scientific support to the Prosecutor of Justice, with psychosocial support and more humane treatment for victims of violence and their families.

"The example of what has been done with the Court, the Justice Department is also offering this service. in crisis, It reinvents itself to help and receive the best possible people who need support for the Amazon population. When we unite these structures, We help our people of the Amazon ", He emphasized the Governor.

The First Lady and President of Honor of Social Promotion Fund (FPS), Fabiana Gomes, He stressed during the event, that this work should reach both the victim and the family of those who suffer acts of violence. "Our role is to make social promotion throughout the state. We want to expand along with the prosecution care of this program, reaching children, adolescents and the elderly victims of violence. It is careful not only with the victim, but also with the family ".

The launching ceremony of the program was carried out in Annex II of the Amazon prosecutors, located in the neighborhood of Aleixo, Central South zone of Manaus, which will operate the service, from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 14h. The structure of the Start has social care rooms, psychological and administrative and play area for children.

The Social Promotion Fund will provide social worker, psychologist and educator to ensure access to programs and services developed by the State Government to promote, protect and defend the rights of victims of violence. The Department of Justice, Citizenship and Human Rights (Sejusc) should promote the training of professionals who will work in the Program Start. The program provides for home visits with the idea of ​​promoting awareness of the families of the victims of violence on the importance of psychosocial support in cases of violence.

As the Attorney General of Justice of Amazonas, Fabio Monteiro, the project will strengthen the dialogue with the victims and their families to occur support beyond the procedural action.

"It is very common that the prosecutor face the victim as if she were a witness and almost, in the course of the process, mostly, We lose the contact and stayed with doubt really justice has been done. The criminal is to be punished by the judiciary, but we are not sure if the person who suffered sexual crime or some kind of violence that had erased trauma or managed to recompose. So, with this project, we will be able to track these people, whether in legal or social support ".

According to the statistical data for the last three years of the Protection of the Police Children and Adolescents (depc), between the years 2014 e 2015, there was a reduction 13,48% in cases of sexual violence among children and adolescents. In the year of 2014 They were recorded 1.061 cases; In 2015, 918.

In the first four months of 2016 They were recorded 277 cases of sexual violence against children and adolescents, the majority of female victims. "We can say that this decrease is a result of the prevention work, through educational campaigns promoted by state and local schools and throughout the Combat Network ", said the secretary of Sejusc, grace Prola.

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