Government of Amazonas will regularize rural areas in Coari and Codajás

The land regularization work should begin in September.
29/07/2016 10h18 - Updated 29/07/2016 11h06
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The State Government, through the Department of Land Policy (SPF), will start to land regularization in the cities of Coari and Codajás, a 285 e 421 kilometers from Manaus, via fluvial, respectively, with a goal of delivering 1 thousand titles for rural workers.

The land regularization work should begin in September. In Codajás will benefit the Glebe Lake Miuá, with 350 lots. in Coari, be regularized 650 lots in Gleba Holy Spirit.

In previous years, the Government of Amazonas has partnered with Terra Legal Program of the Ministry of Agrarian Development, (MDA) for regularization within, but this year will be used resources Regularization of SPF Fund. In partnership with the MDA municipalities of Maués benefited, Boa Vista do Ramos, Barreirinha, Novo Airão, Nam, Itacoatiara, Careiro, Lowland Careiro, Autazes, Silves, Urucurituba, Manacapuru, Anori, Itapiranga, Parintins, Rio Preto da Eva, Iranduba and rural Manaus. "In the last three years, We reached the record in the state of delivery of rural titles, equivalent to twice the total delivered in the last 12 years", informed the Secretary of Land Policy, Ivanhoe Mendes.

benefits – The final title will ensure legal certainty over land tenure and access to funding from the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam), and technical support of Idam to improve rural production.

The titles will also improve the environmental control in the State, as the Institute of the State of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) accompanies the delivery of securities to the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) all benefit, which ensures obtaining the environmental license, fines suspension applied to 2008 and access to credit and financing.

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