Government sends bill authorizing the maintenance of public transport subsidy

The aim is to contribute to the commitment of Manaus City Hall to keep the bus fare at $ 3.
14/07/2016 06h57 - Updated 14/07/2016 13h44
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The Government of Amazonas sent Bill to the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM) to resume the payment of financial subsidy granted to conventional urban transportation service Manaus, the same amount that was in force until 2015, R $ 1,3 million per month. The aim is to contribute to the commitment of Manaus City Hall to keep the bus fare at $ 3.

Besides that, Project asks ALE authorization for the state to transfer to Manaus Prefecture, grantor service, or value of R $ 7,8 million equivalent to the accumulated allowance from January to June and which will be settled with the Manaus City Hall in the second half.

In addition to financial benefits, said the Secretary of State of Amazonas Farm, Afonso Wolf Moraes, the government provides two benefits: tax exemptions of VAT on diesel used by bus companies and the property taxes levied on the bus fleet which serves the population of Manaus.

The three grants totaled in 2015, inform the Secretary of Finance, R$ 55,6 millions, R $ 15,6 million in financial transfers (R$ 1,3 million per month), R$ 35 million in ICMS and R $ 5 million in property taxes, all duly settled.

The two tax subsidies remain in force in 2016 and the financial return after forwarding documentation sent by the Manaus City Hall, last April, and adjustments in state accounts that are enabling the Government of Amazonas to maintain aid to Manaus Prefecture.

With the national economic crisis, Amazon was one of the states hardest hit drop in its revenue (tax collection more fees), since its main economic matrix, the industrial center of Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM) It produces goods that are not essential consumption.

Alfonso Lobo Secretary states that the value of financial subsidy retroactive to the first half will be settled in the second half, in that for improving economic activity. The expectation is that the national economy will react in the coming months, thus reactivating the production lines of Manaus plants.

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