Government establishing optional point from noon on match days at the Arena

The exception is the optional point to the organs that are involved in the operation of the Olympic Games and the health units, that will operate normally.
27/07/2016 16h51 - Updated 28/07/2016 07h04
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The Government of Amazonas published in the edition of the Official Gazette of the day 26 July Decree establishing optional point in public offices, municipalities and state foundations, within the city of Manaus, in the days 4 e 9 of August (Monday and Tuesday), a partir das 12h, depending on the achievement of the Football Olympic Tournament Games Rio Games 2016.

Manaus will host three double rounds of the first phase of the Olympic football tournament, taking place in Rio de Janeiro and in four cities - Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Salvador - who will receive the football matches, from 3 a 21 of August. The Amazon Arena will, no dia 4 of August (Thursday), to 18h, Sweden x Colombia and, to 21h, Nigeria Japan; day 7 of August (Sunday) to 18h, Sweden-Nigeria and 21h, Colombia x Japan, both the men's tournament; day 9 of August (Tuesday), to 18h, It will be the round of the women's tournament between the United States and Colombia x, to 21h, South Africa-Brazil.

The exception of the optional set point in the Decree is for the organs that are involved in the operation of the Olympic Games, as well as for the health units, which will function normally ensuring, inclusive, maintenance procedures scheduled for the day for the optional point.

At the State Department of Education (Seduc), Decree determines the compensation of normal teaching hours, if necessary. Already the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) It was determined the hours bank organization for the optional points with a view to possible compensation for servers.

According to the chief of staff, Government of Amazonas, Raul Zaidan, the optional point in public offices will help improve traffic and public transport on match days, contributing to the security and organization of the event, since roads surrounding the Amazon Arena will be closed. "The matches start from 18h. With the release noon, there will be enough time for people who are working that day come home ", said.

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