Group organizes informal plebiscite to separate the South from the rest of Brazil

The vote will take place on 2 of October, while the municipal elections, from 8h to 17h. Volunteers will play urns costs and notes.
25/07/2016 14h01 - Updated 25/07/2016 14h01
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The gaucho Anidria Rock, 46, manages 20 WhatsApp groups and monitors hundreds of others. The requirement to join is sympathizing with the cause “The South is My Country”, you want to separate Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

A resident of St. Jerome (a 70 km of Porto Alegre), the businesswoman leading the movement that organized an informal referendum set for October, with 4.000 “polls” in three states.

The vote will take place on 2 of October, while the municipal elections, from 8h to 17h. The polls will be at least one hundred meters of the polling stations.

The ballot will ask the question: “You want the Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul form an independent country?”.

The goal is 1 million people, or equivalent 5% of Southern voters. Volunteers will play urns costs and notes.

According to the gaucho prosecutor Rodrigo Zilio, the Elections Office, the vote has no legal, but it is allowed. To have any value, the referendum should follow the law 9.709, which would require it to be approved by Congress and under the regulation of Elections.

The group argues that separatist movements are common. “They talk about 400 by independence movements in the world. Each year, three or four separate countries”, says Anidria.

The last country to become independent was South Sudan, in 2011. Besides this, she cites Namibia, Timor-Leste, Eritrea and Palau as fruit separation processes.

While the first article of the Constitution defines the Brazilian republic is “formed by the indissoluble union of States”, the group intends to claim the idea with international bodies.

In addition to the UN, the result will be taken to the UNPO, international organization that defends unrecognized minorities and their territories.

Militants compare the initiative with the separatist desire of Catalonia, in Spain. A Catalan newspaper published in March article with the title “Southern Brazil follows in the footsteps of Catalunya”.

The southern movement, however, It is younger. It was founded 23 years, at a conference in Laguna (SC), with the leadership Adílcio Cadorin, former mayor of the city.

Or historian Tau Golin, UPF (University of Passo Fundo), defines the act as “xenophobic”. “It is a antibrasileiro movement that shows the difficulty that certain groups have to integrate the nation”.

I separatists, says, “not admit the idea of ​​plurality” and consider descendants of Italian and German, common in the southern, as “special” or “superior race”.

The echoes friction in MTG (Traditionalist Gaucho Movement). For the author of typical gaucho songs Daniel Brazil, 54, MTG not openly advocates separatism.

“The guys celebrate something nobody won anything”, says the artist about the Farroupilha Revolution, who wanted to create the riograndense republic and declare independence from the Empire.

The dispute has been lost, but it is intensely celebrated in September by gauchos. “When we can separate the South, I change my last name”, Brazil plays.

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