Hello, new social network Orkut creator, arrives in Brazil

With the service, people connect from common interests, called “people”.
20/07/2016 16h02 - Updated 20/07/2016 16h02
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The Brazilians, who love social networking, already have one more to play. Hello, the new creator of social network (homesick) Orkut, It was launched in Brazil on Tuesday. The platform is unique to mobile devices and is now available for iOS (download here) from version 8 and Android (download here) versions and Marshmallow Lollipop. But, apparently, the new network is still unstable here.

According to the Turkish engineer Orkut Buyukkokten, Hello is “the first social network built through deep friendships, to help you connect with people who share their passions”.

With the service, people connect from common interests, called “people”. You can choose up to five “people” but between 100 available. already “folio” is your feed posts, Customized from “people” you choose.

Orkut Buyukkokten presented his new job with , and it was very critical of current social networks, They are saying they distanced people. A Hello, according to him, It is the next generation of Orkut and aims to help people connect, becoming a page where “fear and hatred has no place”.

“We hide behind our devices, ignoring the people around us. We stayed with the locals when we travel abroad, but we do not even know who our neighbors at home. We follow the news feed of our friends under our blankets, in the dark. Our lives are mere pieces of anonymity and isolation. Oftentimes, we are alone. Oftentimes, We fear what we do not know. Oftentimes, we hate the things we do not understand”, says engineer.

Source: The globe

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