Hemoam promotes campaign to make extra stock during Olympics, from this farm(28)

The campaign is to make an extra blood supply, due to the Olympic Tournament games Soccer in Manaus.
27/07/2016 15h33 - Updated 27/07/2016 15h33
Photo: Press Release / Hemoam

The Hospital Foundation of Hematology of the Amazon (Hemo) It is calling on donors to boost blood supply, to meet the contingency plan of the Olympic Games 2016 and make an extra blood supply, due to the Olympic Tournament games Soccer in Manaus, which will take place on 4, 7 e 9 of August. The campaign to strengthen the stock starts on Thursday, day 28 of August.

The State Blood Center of care to meet major events will be strengthened in the days of the Olympic Games, In Manaus, according to the CEO of the Board, Nelson doctor or Fraiji, He explained that it is necessary to have an extra blood supply to ensure transfusion safety in large events.

The technical director of Hemoam, Rodrigo Leitão, presented at a meeting of the management of blood bags numbers that should be collected to meet the extra stock in Hemoam, the period of the Olympic Games. "The Hemoam should 800 blood bags and our difficulty are platelets (having useful life 5 days). We will supply the big three ready city aid, O 28 of August; Plato Araújo and João Lúcio '', he says.

Requirements to donate blood - To be a donor, the person must be between 18 e 69 years. Minors can also donate, but, provided they have permission from parents or guardians. People also need to be in good health and not having drunk alcohol in the past 12 hours prior to donation. It is also not necessary to be fasting to donate blood.

donation sites - Donors can go to Hemoam, on Avenida Constantino Nery, No. 4.397, neighborhood Chapada, Centro-Sul, second to Saturday, from 7 am to 18h, except during the days 4 e 9, the Hemoam work until 11am. And the collection unit in the maternity Ana Braga, which is in Cosme Ferreira mall, s/Nº, San Jose neighborhood 1, East zone, Monday to Friday from 8h to 13h.

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