Man killed doctor's Army soldier

The recruits confessed to the crime and was arrested early yesterday evening, day 6.
07/07/2016 07h14 - Updated 7/07/2016 15h05
Photo: Press Release / Civil Police

An Army soldier, previously identified as Igor Negrao and Matthew Silva, from 19 years, It is suspected of murdering the doctor Emerson Rios, from 56 years on the last day 3 July. The boy who is recruiting the army was arrested in the early evening on Wednesday (6).

According to police information, the soldier confessed to the crime. The delegate of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), Ivo Martins, He said in an interview with TV stations that the boy hid information, denied participation in the doctor's murder, who was found dead on 4 July, but a second time just confessing to the crime.

The suspect was recognized thanks to the condominium security cameras where the crime occurred.

The Civil Police should hold a press conference on Thursday (7), and spend more information about the case.

Source: AM POST Writing

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