Adriano Jorge Hospital will be enabled not MS, to perform kidney transplants

The expectation is that in three months is carried out, the unit, the first transplant.
25/07/2016 17h59 - Updated 25/07/2016 17h59
Photo: Press Release / Secom

The State Department of Health (Sesame) It has already started preparations to enable the Hospital Adriano Jorge Foundation (FHAJ) to perform kidney transplants. The state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, participate in meeting on Tuesday (26), at 10 am, the Ministry of Health (MS), to deal with the hospital accreditation, so you can receive funds for this purpose, the Unified Health System (THEIR). A expectation, according to him, It is that in three months is carried out, the unit, the first kidney transplant from public state health.

The meeting to address the issue will be held in the Coordination of the National MS Transplant System. One of the requirements for accreditation of the unit to perform kidney transplants is the training of hospital staff - doctors, social workers, psychologists and nutritionists. This training will be conducted by Hepato team of Hospital Bandeirantes, from Sao Paulo, responsible for performing kidney transplants that state and Acre. The training stage, according to Pedro Elias, It should be performed in August.

In the assessment of the Secretary, because the FHAJ already be accredited to perform liver transplant, there will be no difficulty for the federal government to enable the new service.

Kidney transplantation, not Amazonas, they are performed, today, by Hospital Santa Julia, private network, unit accredited by SUS. Last year, the hospital held 13 surgery type.

Since early this year, the Susam is preparing Adriano Jorge Hospital to be a reference in care for chronic renal failure patients, with the provision of hemodialysis and transplantations. With the adjustments made in the hospital structure, Adriano Jorge already has the capacity to receive 97 patients for hemodialysis. The expectation is that by the year end is able to meet 300 patients, making it the state's largest dialysis center. In addition to FHAJ and Hospital Santa Julia, the Susam has an agreement, for hemodialysis service, with the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (delusion) and more 03 private clinics.

Agenda in Brasilia
In Brasilia, Pedro Elias Secretary also participates, on Tuesday, 11am, the Presidential Palace, the launch of the second phase of clinical research of the Brazilian vaccine equistossomose. Worldwide, is the first time that a parasitic vaccine, patented and developed by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), produced with Brazilian technology, reaches Phase II clinical studies. Still on Tuesday (26), at 14:15, Pedro Elias will present a lecture on "3rd Amazon Project Workshop Connected", event promoted by the Brazilian Army. The secretary talks about the benefits the project will bring to health, among them, the expansion of Telehealth Program, State Government.

On Wednesday (27), 9h to 18h, Pedro Elias participates in the "7th Meeting of Harrison Ford - National Council of Health Secretaries". The main topics on the agenda are: Review of the Order regulating the financing and the transfer of federal funds to the actions and health services, in the form of financing packages; Review of the National Policy for Primary Care (PNAB); and Debate on Legalization of Health, with representatives of the National Council of Justice.

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