IBGE accounts for more than 8.500 homosexual marriages from rule of CNJ

The data of 2015 They are still being compiled IBGE and should be released in November this year.
13/07/2016 10h21 - Updated 13/07/2016 10h21
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The resolution 175 the National Council of Justice (CNJ), who completed three years in May and prevents Brazilian notary refuse to convert homoafetivas stable unions in civil marriage, It has given impetus for same-sex couples formalize unions.

Data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) point out that, since the validity of the resolution by the end of 2014, 8.555 marriages between same-sex spouses have been registered in registry offices across the country. The data of 2015 They are still being compiled IBGE and should be released in November this year.

Between the 4.854 homosexual marriages recorded in the year 2014, 50,3% (2.440) They were among female spouses and 49,7% (2.414) between male spouses. The Southeast region (60,7%) had the highest percentage of homoafetivas unions, followed by the South (15,4%); Northeast (13,6%); Midwest (6,9%) and North (3,4%). The largest percentage concentrations of homoafetivas unions in the Southeast were shown in São Paulo, with 66,9 % for male set and 71,9% for women.

After realizing the dream of the perfect dress of thousands of brides in Brasilia (DF), in December 2015, It came the designer Fernando Peixoto up to the altar to marry his companion, Patrick Noronha, who was concerned for more than one year. In an intimate ceremony in Pirenópolis (GO), the two signed the marriage certificate, in testimony 70 people and the justice of the peace. "I felt like part of society, may have the rights that everyone has, regardless of sexual orientation ", commented. "We decided to get married because we love each other and to protect all the assets we are building together", completed.

pioneers – Diplomats Alécio Guimarães and Luiz Felipe Czarnobai were one of the first gay couples to marry in civil in Brazil, still in 2012, before the publication of the resolution of the CNJ. The wedding news of the two forces gave the dream of hundreds of other gay couples. "We wanted a big party to celebrate with friends and relatives our union. We started the program in one year in advance, even though the civil marriage was not legally possible.

Missing six months for the ceremony, in October 2011, the 4th Panel of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) It upheld a special appeal in which two women claiming the qualification to civil marriage. "Do not waste time. We've been running the registry and we filed the paperwork and now we schedule the judge of peace ", Guimarães told Alécio. "It was important for me to have my right backed by State. I wanted to see this achievement be achieved in all countries, to end prejudice ", He completed the diplomat. The two now dream of adopting a child.

In May 2011, or Federal Supreme Court (STF) took the first step to unions between persons of the same sex could be made official. Judging together two actions, ADI 4277/DF e ADPF 132/RJ, the court recognized the stable union between people of the same sex as a family, giving these couples the same rights and duties extended to the companions in marriages between men and women.

rights – The wedding equating homosexual and heterosexual allows the same marriage rights established by the Civil Code, as inclusion in health insurance and life insurance, alimony, succession duty, division of property acquired, among others.

Source: CNJ

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