Panamanian financial institution is new phase target of Lava Jato

The operation is the 'Ghostbusters’ and investigates the institution acted illegally in Brazil.
07/07/2016 07h20 - Updated 7/07/2016 07h20
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The Federal Police (PF) held this morning (7) Operation Ghostbusters, the 32nd stage of Lava Jato, investigating a Panamanian financial institution that acted illegally in Brazil, without authorization from the Central Bank, and traded offshore companies.

Among the customers of the financial institution, people who want to launder money, They are investigated in Lava Jato, which led to PF to conclude that diverted resources from Petrobras passed the Panamanian institution.

Near 60 police meet 17 court orders - Seven coercive conveyances and ten search and seizure warrants - in the cities of Santos, São Paulo and São Bernardo do Campo.

Second esearchers, Panamanian financial institution functioned as a real commercial agency banking, whose purpose would be to facilitate the sending of illegal funds abroad.

Running to the national financial system margin, Panamanian institution offering, among its services, offshore companies marketing to the Panamanian registered Mossack Fonseca, which was already the subject of the 22th stage of Lava Jato.

Mossack is also in the center of the global scandal Panama Papers, a resource concealment scheme used by hundreds of officials and celebrities from dozens of countries, revealed this year by an international consortium of journalists.

At this stage of Lava Jato, PF investigates crimes against the national financial system, money laundering and the formation of international criminal organization. The Ghostbusters name was chosen because the aim of the operation: reveal the extent of the action and the hidden clientele Panamanian financial institution.

This is the second PF operation linked to the Lava Jato held this week.

Source: Agency Brazil

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