Netizens are angry with recording where teacher PT defames Live

Professor unidentified, Lula says he is persecuted and says that "this talk of corruption is only sucker for advertising fall".
13/07/2016 11h03 - Updated 13/07/2016 11h03
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Circulating on the Internet a shocking video where a teacher PT, during during what appears to be a lecture, makes various offenses and defamation against the judge Sergio Moro, central figure of Operation Lava Jato.

While accusing Lula of being persecuted, or Professor, Not identified, He says "this talk of corruption is just propaganda to fall sucker".

He follows firing several offenses against Moro: "This Parana shit juizinho, I will repeat ... this Paraná shit juizinho is a villain - because the guy who turns Cover View is a crook. There's no way. The father of this individual, you do not know, He is founder of Paraná PSDB. The wife of Sergio Moro Paraná PSDB lawyer. He, Sergio Moro, already work in the PSDB ".

In April 2015, a wife Moro, Rosangela Wolff Live, denied slanders of this type, when he said the following, no Twitter: "Attention twitterers. I'm not, I was never a political party lawyer, is pt, PSDB, pdt, wtf. Nor am I affiliated with a political party. I'm not, I was never advocated any political. Went, in mid- 2009-2010, lawyer of a bankruptcy in labor, whose liquidators, by the way, They gave me the cap, They never paid the fees, why I ask waiver ALL processes. "

The rumors that the father of Sergio Moro would have been the founder of the PSDB were scattered around the blog PT World Centre Daily, but they were unmasked by the site Boatos.Org.


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