Investigation of PF on terrorism in Brazil wraps up NGO

Hashtag operation clears alleged terrorist group that was organizing in the country and have even expressed support for the Islamic State.
21/07/2016 13h14 - Updated 21/07/2016 13h17
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Operation Hashtag triggered on Thursday, 21, against a group suspected of composing a cell of the Islamic State in Brazil investigates including suspicions involving the activities of an NGO "operating in the humanitarian and educational area" that would have collaborated with the suspect group that was organized on social networks by Defenders group of Sharia, a set of laws based on Islamic Quran.

altogether, near 130 police comply with court orders issued by the 14th Federal Court of Curitiba - being 12 temporary prisons, two coercive and conveyances 20 searches and seizures, in Amazonas State, Ceará, Paraíba, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

For security reasons, the Federal Police did not disclose the name of the suspect or the NGO that appears in research.

Investigations began in April with the social tracking the Counterterrorism Division of the Federal Police - DAT. Stakeholders participating in a virtual group called Supporters of Sharia and planned to acquire weapons to commit crimes in Brazil and even abroad.

The operation takes place fifteen days of the Olympic Games, when Brazil will receive federations of athletes from around the world, including countries that were targets of recent attacks the group. The warrants were issued by the 14th Federal Court of Curitiba, where he lived the group leader. The process runs in secrecy.

According to the Minister of Justice Alexandre de Morais, the Brazilian group members who advocated use of guerrilla tactics weapon came into contact with the Islamic State on the internet and also trying to buy an AK-47 rifle in Paraguay. Besides that, the investigation found that they sought training in martial arts and shooting.

These acts - attempt to buy gun, contact with the Islamic state and attempt to train martial arts and gunfire - prompted the arrest warrants. One of the targets of the operation came to meet six years for manslaughter, second Alexandre de Moraes.

The PF has identified that the group members came to take an oath on the Internet by the Islamic State, a practice adopted by the terrorist group to get followers. Not identified, however, what would be the target of the Brazilian group.

The investigated individually respond, the extent of their participation, by promoting crimes of a terrorist organization and carrying out preparatory acts of terrorism, both provided for in Law 13.260/2016. The penalty for the first offense is five to eight years in prison, in addition to the payment of a fine. For those who perform preparatory acts, the penalty ranges from three to 15 years in prison.

WhatsApp e Telegram
The Brazilian group suspected of planning terrorist acts for the Olympics communicated through chat tools WhatsApp and Telegram. With the Islamic State, they kept in touch - came to take an oath - also the Internet, but not by applications.

of 12 arrest warrants issued by the Federal Police in Operation Hashtag, which revealed the action of Brazilian, ten have been arrested, in São Paulo and Paraná. The other two were subjected to forceful.
the messages, they advocated racial intolerance, gender and religious. combined also perform a martial arts training.

Source: Estadão

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