Janaina Paschoal said was threat of victim

According to the jurist said it is necessary to distinguish manifestations of hate crimes.
05/07/2016 15h53 - Updated 5/07/2016 16h43
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The jurist Janaína Paschoal, one of the impeachment request of the authors of the rejected President Dilma Rousseff, He claimed to have been victims of crime threat last week, when it was harassed in the Brasilia airport.

In a statement sent to the column of Estadão, Janaina says that one must distinguish manifestations of hate crimes. "Posters, command words, still expressing hatred, They are the manifestation of the field. pessoas walk, much larger than the target, shouting and gesticulating very close, in a certain way, encouraging violence, cross the line. "

The video circulated on the Internet shows protesters near the jurist - she waited in the departure queue - calling it a coup. With confusion, the airline intervened and went on passing in front of the other. As revealed Column, after this episode, actor Alexandre Frota called dozens of fighters to escort friends Janaina the next departures and arrivals.

"Seeing the video, forgetting that I was the target, I conclude that characterized, at least, the threat. I say this, not for the purpose of taking measures, but with the aim of alerting. It is very important that Greeks and Trojans are aware of the dividing line between what is a manifestation of thought and crime. in the, I love all Brazilians and I am thinking, inclusive, the children of those who are against me ", concluded Janaína.

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Source: Estadão

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