Janaina Paschoal is attacked by mob in PT airport.

The lawyer, which is one of Rousseff's impeachment request of authors, It is almost assaulted.
01/07/2016 07h56 - Updated 1/07/2016 09h52
Photo: reproduction

In the Brasilia airport, yesterday morning (30), the author of the impeachment and PhD in Janaína Paschoal right was verbally abused by a mob of rabid PT. In the video below, at one point, It gives the impression that tried to go up it, likely to physically attack her, but she was protected by other passengers not connected to PT.

This kind of thing only reinforces my view that there is absolutely no possibility of dialogue with these people. The far left is intolerant and aggressive, it is violent. In so many cases, people would have been beaten and perhaps killed by mobs like this if there were more people around or shooting cameras. Not all who vote in PT are Bandits, some may even be deluded people with good advertisement Party. But those who argue this way for the cause, They are certainly there for own interests.

See the video:

Source: modoespartano.com.br

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