Janot rebate Senate and says Gleisi Hoffman apartment is not bunker

For or PGR, the parliamentary immunity of Gleisi can not be extended to the spouse.
08/07/2016 13h22 - Updated 8/07/2016 13h22
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The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Rodrigo Janot, presented yesterday (7) the Supreme Court (STF) a document in which he asks to be denied the continuity of an action filed in court by the Senate.

Last month, Senate appealed to the Supreme to cancel search and seizure warrants completed in functional apartment of Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR), during Operation Cost Brazil. Former Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo, who is the husband of Senator, He was arrested during the action, a breakdown of Operation Lava Jato.

Lawyers Senate argued that the judgment of the 6th Federal Court of São Paulo, which is responsible for cost Brazil, I could not have given the fulfillment of the mandates functional residence of Senator, because it is an extension of the Senate dependencies, whose assignment would be the Supreme Court.

To rebut the arguments posed by the Senate law, Janot says Gleise senator was not affected by the actions and that parliamentary immunity it can not be extended to the spouse: "Although the address at which carried out the due diligence has been identified as the property of the Union and affected the residence of Senator of the Republic, this in no way changes the picture, taking into account have not been achieved by the Senator claimed Decision”, says excerpt of the document delivered on Thursday feria.

Janot also says that the functional property can not serve as a bunker. "I could not serve the local, to be still assigned to functional use of his wife, as a true immune bunker to search for actions authorized by the judge ", said Janot.

On the claim that there would have been usurping the powers of the Supreme, Janot remember that those who have privileged forum is a senator and not investigated, Paulo Bernardo. "There's no doubt, However, that the ongoing proceedings before the court claimed, and steps determined it, They relate solely to Paulo Bernardo Silva, which has no jurisdiction prerogative ", the text says.

For the Attorney General Janot, the Senate Bureau or could have presented the action to the Supreme Court. He ends the text asking the progress of the action in the Supreme is denied and, if accepted, that requests the Senate to be rejected by the relator, Dias Toffoli.

Source: Agency Brazil

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