JEAs 2016: Premiere Jiu-Jitsu and final chess mark the fifth day of the most interscholastic tournament Amazon

All disputes happened in the Olympic Village, yesterday, day 24.
25/07/2016 10h36 - Updated 25/07/2016 10h36
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Another day of the 39th edition of Amazonas School Games (JEAs) e, with him, most medals won by student-athletes participating in the largest interscholastic tournament Amazon. not Sunday, day 24, it was the turn of Brazilian ju-jitsu enter the scene, mode since 2014 It was not played at the event. Besides that, Chess also revealed its champions. All disputes happened in the Olympic Village and Manaus, located in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Centro-Sul. The competition is organized by the Government of Amazonas.

For the coordinator of the gentle art of JEAs, Diego Vieira, mode showed its strength with 400 registered athletes. "We had the massive participation of athletes and checked good fighting, which revealed technical quality. The return of Jiu-Jitsu is a great achievement for the sport and it was something that the secretary Fabricio Lima embraced, along the entire coordination of Games. Having this sport in the tournament means the appreciation of it and the possibility of forming and discover talents ", He considered the Master.

One of the highlights on the mat was João Pedro Santos, which earned the highest place of the podium spots, by category Children, white band. The athlete's mother, Mrs. Arlene Santos, It ensures that the young man is also a son and student "golden". "I do not scream", she, inclusive, He helped the boy to win the competition, so much that twisted. "Thank God", he's a very good boy. I was like a crazy screaming, because I know how much he deserved to win. He struggled, trained and, Clear, I am the number one fan. John trains every day, but before he goes to school in the morning and when it will help me to sell and serve lunch, because I have a food stall there on Crowned (East Zone neighborhood of Manaus)”, He told "doting mother".

for John, the debut JEAs could not have been better. "I am very happy, as did three fights. It was harder than I thought, but got the gold and tomorrow I will take my medal to school and to stall my mother, I need to show customers ", said the student of the State School Cacilda Braule Pinto.

Another who did well was Sidney Couto. The white band category School won the gold medal for points, after a fierce fight. "My opponent was very strong and fast, very fought legs, but I concentrated hard and did everything I had trained and, like this, I got the medal. I am very happy", said the athlete of the School Jorge Rezende, in Tancredo Neves, East zone, who spoke of their preparation for the Games. "I trained a lot, but also took care of my rest and my food. During these days leading up to competition, I went to bed early and made a balanced diet. I believe that this discipline helped me to be a champion ", said the boy who notes three years of gentle art.

Victories in chess

One of the most popular games in the world, chess, He was also responsible for the joy of some athletes on Sunday morning, day 24, with the finals of the Children's category. Held at the auditorium of the Olympic Village of Manaus, mode revealed Emanuelly Nobrega as the champion for the category Sub-12. In second place, was Adrielly Marino and third, Anne Batista.

"Last year I also participated in the JEAs, but I stayed in third place by Mirim, and today I am very happy to have stayed with the gold in the children's category debut. I added four points and needed a lot of concentration, which it is not so hard for me, for I am quite calm. Now is prepare for the Youth School Games (HER)”, said the Student Educational Center La Salle, viewed favorably by the vice president of the Amazonian Chess Federation (FAX), Sérgio Cardoso. "To be a good player you need to have the person field of feelings, be careful and not let the nerves take over. And it was possible to observe in Emanuelly. I think she has a chance at JEJ ", said the manager, emphasizing that the sport develops the technical and mental capacity of the person.

Student of the School of Conception Jarlece Zaranza, Rogério dos Santos also highlighted the Child and secured first place for the U-14. The boy who has started practicing the sport after he saw a schoolmate win a trophy. Your objective, thenceforth, It was also to be a champion.

"Two years ago, a classmate, William Ataide, We arrived showing a trophy and medal he had won in a chess competition. I thought I wanted it to me and it could still win it. Did both, only now that I'm looking for more conquests ", said the player, that tem as technical Ramses Arenilla.

Sharing the podium with Rogério, Caetano Melo student took second place (The room) and Miguel Silva to the third (Laviniense Integrated Education).

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