Jô Soares receives Minister, defends Rouanet and is detonated: 'It's going to ask for Dilma’

The presenter said he never received money from Rouanet Law as project pickup.
06/07/2016 07h36 - Updated 6/07/2016 07h36
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In the early hours of Wednesday (6), the presenter Jô Soares received the Minister of Culture Marcelo Calero. In the interview opening, the two talked about the controversy Rouanet, which allows cultural projects to raise funds with authorization from the Ministry of Culture. The communicator said he is in favor of the law there, but are discussed possible changes. Calero hit the same thesis, reporting that Brazil today lives most research its history, making a reference to Operation Lava-Jato, conducted by Federal Judge Sergio Moro.

Jo quoted the friend Juca de Oliveira, advocating the end of the Rouanet claiming that eventually became a den of suspicious. He said against your thesis and ensured that the law would be very important. In one of the most important moments of this debate, the interviewer revealed that never received money from Rouanet Law as project pickup. However, he confessed that in many projects submitted to the Ministry of Culture, artist friends to orders, it appears in the position of director. Joe did not say whether any of these projects was allowed and if it worked effectively in the position described.

Marcelo Calero reminded of one of the controversial president of the government in the 1st Michel Temer exercise, do PMDB. The PMDB had transformed the Ministry of Culture in a Secretariat without Ministry of status. “When people make a mistake you need to recognize and correct this error”, He said the head of the folder mentioned that in a month folder met several Brazilian regions, with particular focus on São João Pernambuco.

The head of the cultural folder made up a play on the fact that inflation is high. “I've always been a bad person to eat. I just ate beans made on, I did not like to eat frozen, but now the beans are very expensive, or give, neither?”, he said, making the audience laugh. Then, he pointed out that the incumbent president Michel Temer would be taking steps to lower the price of food.

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