Olympic Games: avenues in the Arena surroundings will be interdicted from 10 am

The closures will take place on match days in the capital: 4,7 e 9 of August.
26/07/2016 07h50 - Updated 26/07/2016 13h57
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From day 2 until the day 21 of August, the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection Traffic (Manaustrans) and the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) will work together to operationalize road interventions that should give more security to the fans of the Olympic Games in Manaus. The matches take place in the days 4,7 e 9 of August.

Arena of the surrounding routes will be interdicted from 10h until 23h on match days. locks are made with cones and fences, assemblies traffic checkpoints, Deviations routes, taxis and small vehicles.

The perimeter to be interdicted consists of the way: Avenida Pedro Teixeira, stretch between Avenue. Djalma Batista and Av. D. Pedro, Loris Cordovil Street, stretch between Avenue. Constantino Nery Street and Vivaldo Lima (SPA Alvorada), these two from 10 am. Besides Constantino Nery Avenue, in both directions – Stretch between Avenue. Darcy Vargas e Off. of the. João Machado and Av. Torquato Tapajós - Overpass flowers - closed access Constantino Nery and Des avenues. João Machado, only from 14h, Avenida Djalma Batista, in both directions - Excerpt from the Rio Negro Street to the Viaduct Ayrton Senna, Starting at 16 h and Industry Street , in both directions, Starting at 9 hours.

Drivers should be aware of the route deviations that will be flagged, already pedestrians will have access to Arena four hours before the start of matches Av. Pedro Teixeira, Of. Constantino Nery Street and Loris Cordovil.

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