Jose Melo articulated in Washington US $ 350 million to the Amazon

The government's role in the management of projects has accredited the State to carry out new loans from the IDB.
20/07/2016 15h02 - Updated 21/07/2016 08h08
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Delivering intense agenda in Washington, two capital United States, the governor of Amazonas José Melo takes part in meetings at the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), which has the presidency of the institution project results run by Amazon through financing bank. The excellent government performance in project management, who rely on IDB resources, It has accredited the State to carry out new loans at the institution.

"What our government do now is to show that the Amazon has management capacity and is ready to establish a new partnership with the IDB. The way we have faced the economic crisis has been very important at this time and this makes our government to have international recognition to propose new credit partnerships. What we are now plead 350 million dollars to modernize the management and care of very important areas, as the development of new environmental economic matrix ", said Jose Melo.

In a meeting with the president of IDB Countries, Jose Luis Lupo, the governor gave a positive assessment of indicators that show the performance of the Amazon in the execution of projects promoted by the institution. Jose Melo also highlighted the imminent need for strategic investments to strengthen the internalization of political economy through new environmental economic matrix.

"The world needs to understand that the Amazon can not only contribute to environmental issues. Our natural resources well used can help humanity more. In the Amazon we solution to the lack of protein with the production of fish in captivity, We can solve the problem of potassium is so important for agriculture and we have drugs that can be developed through the resources of our forest. The future is in this economic environment matrix. We can not depend simply the Free Zone, because when the country goes well, the Free Zone goes well, but when we dive in this unprecedented crisis, our current development model also pays the price ", said the governor.

Good results
The way Amazon has faced the crisis and stood out among Brazilian states with better fiscal balance and lower percentage of debt was recognized by the IDB. For José Luis Lupo is necessary to take effective measures to ensure manageability and continuous improvement in the medium and long term and the Amazon has had good results because it took the right decisions making reforms at the right time.

"The Amazon did well his lesson and, that is why, It stands out among the Brazilian states with the best performance in this time of crisis ", reinforced Lupo, also emphasizing the state's performance in implementing projects that are approved by the IDB and gave guarantees for the realization of new credit operation.

Even at IDB headquarters in Washington, the governor attended another meeting with the Executive Director for Brazil and Suriname, Antonio Pinheiro Silveira, and bank executives. The presentation made by the governor with the support of the Secretary of Finance (Sefaz-AM), Afonso Lobo, which showed significant numbers of the first project execution in publicy-based mode Loans (PBL), Amazon hired by the Government with the IDB and is expected to repeat this new credit operation.

"Com o PBL-01 We had the opportunity to invest in the State Program for Fiscal Citizenship through Invoice Amazonense. Our procurement system is also a result of the modernization of management fazendário. It is so complete that it has become a national reference in safety and economics of public procurement. With this new operation with the IDB we want to continue this work and strengthen the government's personnel management area ", said Secretary.

The meeting also was attended by the Secretary of Amazonas Government of Institutional Relations, Nafice Bacre Valoz, as well as executives for IDB economic issues.

responsible management
The commitments at the headquarters of the institution in Washington ended with a business lunch hosted by Vice President for Bank Countries, Alexandre Meira Rosa. During the meeting and, amiably, he stressed the importance of the visit of the Amazon delegation to joint loan with the financial institution and present the results of other credit operations. According to Meira Rosa, "The attitude of Amazonas in fighting the crisis should serve as an example." The governor thanked the commitment of the institution, when it comes to financing projects in the Amazon and strengthened guarantees of responsible and efficient management of resources.

"Right now so complicated for Brazil and especially for the Amazon, due to constant drops in revenues and industrial production, we can not stand still. That's why our government is not measuring efforts to get new resources to help us through this step and consolidate a new sustainable economy model for our Amazons ", said Melo.

Union Aval
Now, the economic team Amazonas Government has one more step to fulfill to enable the loan from IDB. This is the guarantee of the federal government, by the National Treasury of the Ministry of Finance, to consolidate the financial transaction. The endorsement is part of the negotiations made by the governor during the meeting with President Michel Temer to review the debts of states. In this ocasion, the Federal Government has pledged to provide guarantees for the acquisition of new loans. This is the case of the Amazon, already articulated in Brasilia the new operation.

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