Youth who sold cakes in traffic to graduate pay and survive, dies after shootout between policemen and bandits

Thammyrys Alexandre, He lost control of the car and ended up in a ravine of land.
21/07/2016 08h04 - Updated 21/07/2016 15h06
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A young woman named Alexandre Thammyrys, 26 years, formed Social Services, He died on the afternoon of Wednesday (20), after being shot in the belly. Police and bandits exchanged shots, street Corina Dantas, Rio Xingu together, Compensates and the police said the bandits should have approached the girl to steal and get away with your vehicle and she would have scared, tried to flee and then shot by them.

Burglars committed trawlers at bus stops on Avenida Brazil. Family members reported that the girl would be going to the hall because it was the day of graduation victim's sister's Law, Thais Alexandre. Thammyrys would have lost control of the car and got into a rut. It was also attended by the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu), resisiu and died but not yet in place. A skill will point if the shot that killed the young man left the police or thugs.

One of the assailants was arrested:


The victim was a young worker, she and her sister were unemployed and sold pots cakes in city traffic lights, to pay their graduate, graduation sister and keep household expenses. The cakes were made by Thammyrys, they began with 20 and they were selling about 300 cakes per day. They already had many drivers who were loyal customers.

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