judged overrated, R $ monument 5,5 my it is abandoned, In Manaus

Monument to Ponte Rio Negro has rust and garbage everywhere. Court sentenced former secretary to return R $ 2,1 millions.
25/07/2016 15h16 - Updated 25/07/2016 18h25
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The Monument dedicated to the bridge over the Rio Negro, in the neighborhood of Compensates, West Zone of Manaus, It is in poor structure. The metal totem presents deterioration and the area of ​​the square on the Igarapé do Franco has accumulation of waste throughout its length. The work estimated at 5,54 million was inaugurated in 2010. After pointing overpricing, the Court of State Auditors (TCE-AM) sentenced former Secretary of State of Infrastructure, Waldívia Alencar, to return R $ 2,1 million to public coffers.

The dilapidated structure is a few meters from the Amazonas Government headquarters, Avenida Brazil. The site is serving as a shelter for drug users, second goers reports near the place.

The neighborhood residents and pedestrians passing by the site daily charge the revitalization and maintenance of the square. The unemployed Rogerio Santos, 34 years, demonstrated revolt against the amount spent on invested resources to build the monument. He criticized the situation of abandonment.

“So much money spent to turn an abandoned place and no utility. While the money is spent on unimportant things, the population needs health and home to live”, complained.

The accumulation of garbage in the square of the monument and problems in lighting are the main complaints of those who pass through the square. At night, streets of locals gather at the site and there is drug consumption reports. In the square of the monument there are no trash cans and lighting equipment were stolen.

“I think total disregard not only the government that built this monument, but from the people who can not ensure the public space. Throw garbage everywhere”, said university student Gabriel Sena, from 18 years.

Sought by the report, the Secretary of State of Infrastructure (Seinfra) He said it would not issue an opinion on the situation of the monument structure.

The Manaus Prefecture reported, through the Municipal Urban Cleaning (Semulsp), a team of cleaners has been the site shall do and has performed cleaning work area.

The Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) It upheld a ingressada representation by attorneys of Auditors prosecutors (MPC) by the TEC and ordered the former Secretary of State of Infrastructure, Waldívia Alencar, to return to public coffers R $ 2,1 million for overbilling account items in the execution of the metal totem and square reinforced concrete.

The former manager was also fined R $ 8,7 thousand due to the lack of technical justification for contractual changes and has 30 days to pay off debts or appeal the decision.

The fine was approved by the ECA body for the Tuesday session (19) and a copy of the decision was referred to the prosecutor of Amazonas (MP-AM) to the measures deemed appropriate.

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