Dilma impeachment of the final judgment is expected to last up to five days, says Renan

The defense has to 27 July to present their final arguments.
14/07/2016 13h42 - Updated 14/07/2016 14h39
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), reported on Wednesday (13) the forecast of the House is that the final judgment of the president away, Dilma Rousseff, in his impeachment trial is expected to last up to five days.

The exact date for the start of the trial is not yet defined but must be selected from 25 of August. The delay to the completion of the vote is because in this period the president herself is expected to defend himself in person and senators can ask questions to it. The prosecution and defense will also call witnesses to be heard by the plenary.

Senators still have time to address us before the final vote. In the first session of the proceedings in the Senate, when Congress decided the temporary removal of Dilma, the speeches lasted more than 20h uninterrupted.

In this second, the complainants against Dilma, Bicudo, Miguel Reale Jr.. and Janaina Paschoal, They presented their closing arguments in calling for the condemnation of the PT candidate for the commission of a crime committed by having direct responsibility for the tax pedaling calls and editing additional credit decrees without congressional authorization.

Now, the defense has to 27 July to also present their final arguments. no day 2 of August, the rapporteur of the case, Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), present its report, which will be discussed and voted on by the Special Committee on Impeachment the next day.

If the joint committee approve the opinion, it should be the cancellation of the mandate of the PT, there will be an intermediate vote in the Senate plenary in 9 of August. It is called the defendant pronunciation, that is when Dilma can become fact defendant. Then, They are given two days to present the defense and two days for the production of so-called “libel accusatory”, which is a summary of the entire process.

The President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, then mark the session of the final judgment. He has to make an appointment with, no minimum, ten days in advance.

At the end of the session this Wednesday (13), Renan presented an overview of the work of the Senate in the first half. For him, even at a time of “severe political and economic crisis”, to home, Contrary to what might be imagined, He did not stop their work.

“The Senate has been the mainstay of temperance, sobriety, stability, at the moment of our Republic”, said. In his speech, Renan listed 70 project 138 the House approved. Renan also announced that the Senate should vote, In August, you Penal codes and Aeronautical, the proposal of autonomy of the Central Bank and law regulating the outsourced work in the country.

As the Budget Guidelines Law was not passed by Congress, parliamentarians begin on Thursday (14) a white recess. According to the Constitution, LDO must be approved so that there is the formal recess. Like this, there will be no deliberative sessions in the Senate to 2 of August, when the work will normally be resumed.

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