Justice finds R $ 159 in 5 Groom accounts which paid luxury wedding with Rouanet

Felipe Amorim, Operation Free Boca target, is a businessman's son Bellini Group and was arrested in 28 of June.
08/07/2016 14h29 - Updated 8/07/2016 14h29
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The court found R $ 159.71 in five accounts manager Felipe Amorim, target of Operation Free Boca investigating deviations of R $ 180 million released for cultural projects with incentives of Rouanet Law. Felipe was arrested in 28 June by the Federal Police on suspicion of having used public funds obtained from tax incentives to fund their luxury surrounded wedding in Jurerê International (SC), in 25 of May.

In four other Philip's father's accounts, businessman Antonio Carlos Bellini Amorim, researchers have not found a single penny.

altogether, in twelve accounts of Bellini, tracked by the Central Bank, They were blocked R $ 161,56 - Here plus the R $ 1,85 located on three accounts Bruno, brother Felipe and also the subject of confiscation.

The finding of such negligible values ​​caused bewilderment among researchers because the Bellini Group received, second preliminary survey, Treasury funds totaling R $ 4,58 million always the incentive mechanism of the Rouanet Law.

Boca Livre's main target Bellini Group, controlled by Antonio Carlos, father Fellipe and Bruno, all captured on a temporary basis, first - then, on July 1, Judge Hong Kou Hen, the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo, converted the measure in custody, that is, indefinitely.

The PF and the Attorney General's Office made a sweep of the listed suppliers list for cultural projects - according to information provided by the Ministry of Culture -, and found that individuals and companies linked to Bellini, 'And the actual', payments were recipients of more than R $ 4,5 millions, or corresponding to 15,59% sample of this payment.

In the decision which determined the father's custody and children, Judge Hong Kou Hen drew attention to the fact. "Noteworthy, still, determined that the lock values ​​under ownership of the investigated, remained informed that Antonio had ZERO real balance in its four accounts, Bruno, or balance of R $ 1,85 in its three accounts, and Felipe or balance of R $ 159,71 in its five accounts, or what, at least it is strange, and raises suspicions unfavorable to the investigated, whereas millions of reais have moved in recent years ", said the magistrate.

"According to this judgment, it is not of economic hardship situation, but likely emptying maneuver of bank accounts, circumstances evidencing conduct aimed frustrate the application of criminal law ", destacou Hong Kou Hen.

The report did not find representatives of Bellini Group. The space is open to the entrepreneur manifestation Antonio Carlos Bellini and his family.

Source: Estadão

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