Justice blocks R $ 102 my PT, Paul Bernardo and other targets Cost Brazil

Judge Paul Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Criminal Court, from Sao Paulo, sends hijack corresponding to deviations from Consist scheme.
05/07/2016 15h37 - Updated 6/07/2016 08h01
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The Federal Court, in Sao Paulo, blocked R $ 102 millions of investigated Operation Cost Brazil. Among the targets of the decision are the PT, former Minister Paulo Bernardo (Planning / Government Lula) , the former treasurer of the party Paulo Ferreira and companies that have involvement with Consist scheme - software company that would have diverted R $ 100 million payroll loans under the Ministry of Planning in her husband's management Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR).

The decision is the judge Paulo Bueno de Azevedo, the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo. The blockade has sympathetic character, that is, each investigation will have to shell out a part of the R $ 102 millions. This value corresponds to deviations of Consist scheme - contract fraud payroll loans in the Ministry of Planning.

Under Paul Bernardo command, who led the Folder March 2005 to January 2011 the Lula government, Planning signed an agreement with the National Union of Public Entities for Pension Plans (SINAPP) and the Brazilian Association of Banks (ABBC). These entities hired Consist to develop the management and control system of payroll loans. From 2010 a 2015, the scheme would have generated R $ 100 million in fees over the contract Consist.

Paul Bernardo was arrested in 23 June this year. By order, Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, the former minister was released in 29 of June. to Toffoli, there was no evidence to justify the maintenance of the measure against Bernardo. The decision was extended to other 7 investigated who had been arrested.

Research shows that the lawyer Guilherme Goncalves, established in Curitiba, It would have acted as on-lending of Consist scheme bribes to the former minister and would, still, funded expenses Gleisi Hoffmann in campaign 2010.

Source: Estadão

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