Brazilian Justice failed: Defense can revoke probation Carlinhos Cachoeira and four

The regional prosecutor of the Republic, José Augusto Vagos, disse que a decisão é um ‘desprestígioa quem trabalha duro na Operação Saqueador.
02/07/2016 14h23 - Updated 3/07/2016 14h39
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The judge Ivan Athié, the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region (TRF-2), turned on Friday (1º) under house arrest to custody of the offender Carlos Augusto Ramos, known as Carlinhos Cachoeira. He was arrested on Thursday (30) in Operation Marauder, Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), which said it would appeal the decision.

The decision also applies to other four defendants: or gift from Delta, Fernando Cavendish, who is on the run, and Adir Assad entrepreneurs, Marcelo Abbud and Claudio Abreu, that as Waterfall were arrested on Thursday.

According to Cavendish press office is abroad and will return to Rio de Janeiro. “The defense also reiterated that, aware of the legality of their acts, Fernando Cavendish always met the requests of the police authority, and will continue to do in the police inquiry”.

Use anklet
seven precautionary measures have been established: departure from the direction of the companies involved in the investigations; full house arrest until demonstrate lawful occupation; fortnightly attendance in court; obligation to attend to all the procedural acts; prohibition to contact the other investigated; prohibition to leave the country, must deliver the passport to 48 hours; and monitoring by electronic anklet.

Attorney criticizes decision
in a statement, regional-prosecutor, José Augusto Vagos, head of the Attorney General's Office of the 2nd Region, said the decision to reverse the remand “border criminal abolitionism”, considering allowing house arrest “in a context of deviations of almost 400 millions”.

The prosecutor classified as “one discrediting the prosecution bodies who have worked hard for this operation, huge waste of time and money to, without further consideration and insights, if grant-house arrests in series”. Vagos said it will appeal the decision.

complaint accepted
Early, Judge Marcelo Bretas, 7th Federal Criminal Court, He accepted the complaint against 22 accused of participating in a scheme that diverted R $ 370 million of public funds.

Agents of the MPF and PF Rio took to the streets in three states for operation that was named Marauder, which was intended to combat money laundering and the diversion of funds in public works.

The PF arrived at dawn to addresses in three capitals. One of the targets, the contractor Fernando Cavendish, owner of Delta Construction, I was not at home, in Rio de Janeiro. He lives facing the sea, in Delfim Moreira Avenue, Leblon, one of the most expensive country.

Cavendish is out of Brazil since 22 of June. The agents seized a safe in his apartment and documents at Delta's headquarters, in downtown.

In Goiania, the police arrested the bookie Carlinhos Cachoeira and the former director of Construtora Delta for the Midwest, Claudio Dias Abreu.

Waterfall laughs in camburaão that took him in mnhã this Thursday(30) Photo: reproduction

Waterfall laughed at police van that took him on the morning of Thursday(30) Photo: reproduction

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