Justice requires that 100% the fleet of buses circulate on Monday (11) In Manaus

10/07/2016 21h29 - Updated 11/07/2016 12h30
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MANAUS – All effective vehicles of the public transport system Manaus should operate normally on Monday, 11. The decision is the Diogenes Vidal Pessoa Neto judge, which upheld a civil lawsuit filed in the Amazon Court's duty (TJAM), the Public Defender of the State (DPE). This means that the Workers' Union of Road Transport in Manaus (STTR) can no longer strike and even keep only 70% the operating fleet, as it was decided the Labour Court on Saturday morning.

"I determine which companies provide the public transport service in full mode capital, in 100% of the bus fleet, under penalty of fine fixed in the amount of R $ 50 one thousand, for each company, per day of violation or attempt to reverse this decision. A copy of this document must be placed at the entrance of the bus garages ", marks the judge.

no Saturday, Manaus Prefecture had achieved a decision that determined 70% of the public transport fleet running at peak hours only 30% of the total vehicles paralyzed. The mayor himself Arthur Virgilio Neto had made an appeal to the workers through Facebook, arguing that the union should think that the country's serious crisis at the moment should be taken into consideration so that the population was not affected.

"I warn the leaders of road that the strike, no doubt, can reduce the chances of meeting the obligations of companies to their employees. My expectation is that 2017 present positive growth, against the year. And the following year can represent the full economic normalization of the country. virtue, in this specific case, It is dialogue and not confrontation ", wrote Arthur Neto.

Still in its order, Diogenes says Vidal judge asks justice officials are allowed to apply for police force, to the decision of non-compliance case. "Oficie to the General Command of the Military Police to put, immediately, the police force necessary for the provision of this judgment in order to assist the fulfillment of their statutory functions ", or magistrate argues.

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