Justice federal remains stuck in São Paulo former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira

Paul was arrested during Operation Cost Brazil, a breakdown of Operation Lava Jato.
14/07/2016 17h09 - Updated 14/07/2016 17h09
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The former PT treasurer, Paulo Ferreira, He had denied request for release by the chief judge of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region (TRF3) Cecilia Mello. Ferreira was arrested during Operation Cost Brazil, a breakdown of Operation Lava Jet to determine the payment of bribes, from IT service provision contracts, no amount of R $ 100 millions, between the years 2010 e 2015, the people connected to public and public officials officials in the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

The decision of the chief judge was published yesterday (13) in the Electronic Journal of the Federal Court of the 3rd Region, in Sao Paulo. The defense Ferreira challenged a decision of the 6th Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo, who decided to keep the arrest of former treasurer. Last month, the former Minister of Planning, Paulo Bernardo, also arrested during Operation Cost Brazil, had the arrest revoked by the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Dias Toffoli. After the decision to Toffoli, the judge of the 6th Federal Criminal Court São Paulo, Paul Bueno de Azevedo, extended the granting of freedom for the other detainees in the operation cost Brazil, but he kept in jail Paulo Ferreira and Nelson Freitas.

Not release, the chief judge Cecilia Mello says because it keeps the judge's decision: "See that it is not, so on the record and the testimony of employees Alexandre Romano and Delcídio Amaral, mere speculation about the attempt to co-opt and influence exerted by Paulo Ferreira in relation to the versions of the facts to be inflected in judgment by those involved. The fact is that there is grounded elements which denote that the patient [Ferreira] It moved in the direction of risk to interfere with the progress of police investigations, still ongoing ", says the decision.

Despite having denied the request for freedom made by defense, the federal judge allowed Paulo Ferreira visit father, which is in serious condition. Segundo o TRF3, the visit of the details should be set by the judge of first instance, by whose order the former tesourero are stuck in São Paulo.

Source: Agency Brazil

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