Justice suspends diplomatic Cunha's son

By decision injunction diplomatic passport Dytz Felipe da Cunha was suspended.
19/07/2016 16h46 - Updated 19/07/2016 16h46
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The Federal Court of São Paulo suspended by decision injunction diplomatic passport Dytz Felipe da Cunha, 23, son of Deputy Eduardo Cunha.

Earlier this month, Folha revealed that Philip had the benefit of a dependent parent, even though the owner of four companies with total capital of R $ 215 thousand-Itamaraty provides that only children and stepchildren that do not engage in gainful activity may be considered dependent.

The ruling of the 7th Federal Civil Court Tiago Dias Bologna is a response to popular action filed by lawyer Ricardo Amin Abrahão Nacle, which alleged misuse of purpose in granting the benefit.

The judge said in his ruling that the granting of passports to the son of the deputy “It would not be compatible with the public interest” e “It would be configured as a mere privilege, therefore incompatible with the principle of morality”. He determined that the passport is delivered to Justice in 5 days after notification.

Two weeks ago, in another lawsuit filed by Nacle, Days suspended diplomatic Shepherd R, R. Soares, the International Church of God's Grace, and his wife, Maria Magdalena Bezerra Ribeiro Soares.

In the report the date of publication, Deputy Eduardo Cunha away (PMDB-RJ) told Folha that the issuance of the passport of his son does not infringe the rules of the Foreign Ministry because, according to him, companies Felipe Dytz are small and do not give profit.

Revenues of them is not revealed. Cunha also states that “companies generate dividends, that is return on capital, not work”.

Asked about the reasoning hurt the spirit of the law, since it would allow young owners pocketed companies were classified as dependent, Cunha said: “The owner of a million dollar company could be considered dependent. Dividend is return on capital, this is a clear definition”.

Asked by Folha on the passport situation Felipe Cunha, the Foreign Ministry said that it would consult the House to see if it “remains or not in the condition of greater Student”. also sought, the House of Representatives declined to comment on the case.

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