Lava Jato asks Moro copper Lula explanations present in BB safe

23 boxes with coins objects and sculptures were found by the task force in March, but today defense did not comment on Lula acquis.
14/07/2016 14h01 - Updated 14/07/2016 14h39
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The task force of Lava Jato asked the judge Sergio Moro intime for the second time the defense of former President Lula to speak out about the 23 boxes with gifts received by the PT in the period he held the Presidency of the Republic, which were seized by the Federal Police in Operation Alethea, 24Second phase of Lava Jato, in March. The prosecution wants the defense of the PT display, of "analytically" when and where the former president circumstances received objects.

The request is under consideration of Judge Sergio Moro has not yet manifested.

The judge of the Lava Jato had notified Lula's defense in March and, In this ocasion, lawyers asked for an additional period of five days to respond due to the volume of material seized. The process, However, It was temporarily suspended that month as determined by the Minister of the Supreme Court Teori Zavascki which accepted an appeal filed by the defense of the former president questioning the competence of the Lava Jet in Curitiba to investigate events involving the former president dialogues with authorities prerogative forum.

After reviewing all cases, the minister returned the investigation to the judge Sergio live in June this year, when all investigations against the former president in Curitiba resumed. Whereupon, the Republic prosecutors have reiterated requests for explanations of the 23 boxes that were in a vault of the Bank of Brazil office in São Paulo. At the time coins were found, swords, adagas, pen, decorations and other valuables that were stored in the bank from 2011, Without cost, He reported the branch manager.

On the same day they were made searches on safe, Lula was conducted coercively to testify and, riled up, He said he did not know where were the many "junk" which won as president and who would deliver it to the public prosecutor.

"It has something of value to be stored in bank, has something ... I've made a decision, finished this fucking process, I'll deliver it to the public prosecutor, I will take you there and will speak "Janot, this one, looks, here it bother you? A pick of Manaus filed a lawsuit for you investigate things that I won, then you take care ", PT said in testimony to the Federal Police. At the time the Workers Party said he did not know exactly where all the goods were sent, because there would be a whole structure to take care of it.

The defense of the former president appealed to the Supreme court against the Lava Jato after the minister Teori Zavascki consider illegal wiretaps made after the court order and caught him talking to the PT's President Dilma Rousseff before being removed. Whereupon, Lula's lawyers questioned the supposed excesses of the judge of the Supreme Court Lava Jato. sought, the defense of the PT has not yet manifested. The space is open to the manifestation.

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

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