Low Lighthouse law is not worth the Torquato Tapajós and Tourism Avenue, says DMV-AM

Fines already imposed will be void, second DMV.
15/07/2016 15h27 - Updated 16/07/2016 13h09
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) He announced on Friday (15) drivers who trafegaram Avenida Torquato Tapajós and Tourism Avenue are no longer required to circulate with low beam by two-way. The measure meets a request from the agency made to the State Council for Traffic (CETRAN).

To her 13.290, which establishes the requirement of low light on state highways in the country, It entered into force on Friday (8).

The CEO of the agency, Leonel Feitoza, He explained that held a consultation with the CETRAN to clarify details on the requirement of the use of low light in the urban stretches of the Amazon state highways, a AM-010 (avenue Torquato Tapajós) e AM-450 (Estrada do Turismo).

Feitoza said the law did not apply to Avenues Torquato and Tourism, that they have stretches in urban areas of the city. According to him, o marco zero da AM 010 It is set in the city and in the neighborhood Tourism Bridge St. George.

“I knew that this would not apply, but as are highways, We were required to comply. The CETRAM released. Barrier to the city is no longer required and also at Av. do Turismo”, said.

In relation to the fines imposed on the two routes, Leonel Feitoza stated that the penalties will be void. “We believe that the resolution can be retroactive to benefit”, said.

Since it went into effect in Brazil, on Friday (8), the Lower Lighthouse Law registered about 84 fines on the BR-174 and BR-319 in Amazon. The figures are equivalent to the irregularities caught by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) to the second AM (11).

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