Lewandowski intimate Moro and can help Lula

The aim of the lawyers of the former president is to make the recordings made in February are canceled.
08/07/2016 07h44 - Updated 8/07/2016 07h44
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The President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski surprised the Brazilians on Thursday (7). He decided that the federal judge Sergio Moro have to explain to forty-eight hours. All because the man Lava jet recorded telephone intercepts involving former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva talking to various authorities, one in particular, Takeaway President Dilma Rousseff, I was actually in the position of head of state. The request for Sergio Moro explain broke a Lula lawyers initiative, presenting features the highest court in the country.

The aim of the lawyers of former union leader is to make the recordings made in February are canceled. The most known, involving Lula and Dilma talking about his office term in the Ministry of Civil House, It can no longer be used. However, other still valid. Lula's defense is still trying to get the Supreme that say that Sergio Moro tried to superimpose the law, invading jurisprudence that only fit the Supreme own. According to the lawyers of the political companion Dilma, Moro would have done it when the press released recordings with Rousseff.

The proper term, for example, He was eventually released on the same day it was recorded. The recording came as a bombshell to Brazilian journalism. Remember that who invalidated recording between Lula and Dilma was Gilmar Mendes and not the Minister who is now wrapped in a controversy.

Minister and Prosecutor saw the target of protests

The application can help Lula and shocked many people, who used the internet to criticize the Minister, which had already caused controversy on Wednesday, 06, when a news linked to it gave the talk. The highest court in the country has requested that the Federal Police investigate inflatable dolls with the face of Lewandowski. These dolls were used in demonstrations in Sao Paulo and tied the Minister with the Workers' Party. In Lewandowski, the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, It was also criticized in the protests in favor of impeachment.

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