Luiza Brunet presents video Lily naked Parisotto after aggression as evidence, but MP does not accept

The former model filmed the naked businessman, lying in his bed apartment in Plaza Residence, in New York.
29/07/2016 13h41 - Updated 29/07/2016 13h41
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The new episode of the soap opera that turned the fight between Luiza Brunet and Lily Parisotto is that the former model filmed the entrepreneur Lily naked Parisotto, lying in his bed apartment in Plaza Residence, in New York, after allegedly being assaulted.

According to columnist Monica Bergamo, newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo ", the video was recorded by Brunet in the day that she had been assaulted by businessman.

in pictures, Lily appears lying in bed, Luiza comes with the phone, it is covered with a robe and is watching the former as she says:

“This is the lily naked Parisotto. Just fill me with punches. Because? Why is an idiot! This boy here, from. You see? This here is the Lily Parisotto. I hit today, I sometimes hit and hit me again today because of ex-wife, neither? The owner Tania. Today, one in the morning. They are one in the morning. This man hit me. Do not hit me? Hit me, Lily?”, asks Luiza.

Lily, according to the publication, tries to stop recording kicking the cell shortly after cover with a robe. Unable to stop recording, he lights a cigar and watches Brunet.

In his defense, the businessman says his ex was always aggressive and he tried only contain it. On one occasion, Luiza would have thrown a glass on it, causing a cut on his leg.

The Federal Public Ministry considered the little relevant images, because at no time Lily Parisotto part up of the former model. For years researchers, scenes show only the tension around the couple.

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