Lula criticizes tax relief policy Dilma

He criticized the conduct of the tax incentive policy in an interview with French newspaper Libération.
14/07/2016 10h04 - Updated 14/07/2016 10h04
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva criticized, in an interview with French newspaper Libération, the conduct of tax incentives policy away from President Dilma Rousseff.

He also said he believed the back of the PT to power and said, if the social policies of the PT governments are threatened, you can dispute the election 2018. The interview was published in Wednesday, 13.

“At the end of the first Dilma mandate, unemployment was still very low (6,5% in season, Against 11,2% in April this year). She had managed to maintain employment at the same time maintained the social policies. But it was necessary to continue to invest. The coffers were empty. Dilma acknowledges that his tax relief policy for businesses, which reduced tax revenue of the State, I had gone too far. Between 2011 e 2015, the state resigned to about R $ 500 billion in revenues. E, an extremely serious event, without demanding anything in exchange of entrepreneurship”, he said.

The former president also blamed the Congress for preventing measures of fiscal adjustment proposed by Rousseff were approved.

“After Rousseff's re-election, there was a strong political crisis that paralyzed the economy”, said. “To rebalance accounts, she tried to reduce expenses, but Congress was in the direction of reverse, passing laws to enlarge them. The Congress seemed to bet on crisis, until it arose the idea hit.”

Asked if President Michel Temer in exercise is scammer, Lula said that the first blow was to facilitate the Congress to receive the complaint against Dilma. To fear, however, according to Lula, It is “one constitutionalist who knows no liability crime”.

The PT said he did not regret having chosen as his successor Dilma, as I would have said the former president José Sarney (PMDB-AP) in a recorded conversation. “He called me to disprove”, said Lula. He said that not only indicated Dilma, but returned to support her.

according to Lula, you can not say that Rousseff has failed in his second term. “Still missing three years, she could have done a lot.”


On allegations that the PT box would have been stocked with money from Petrobras, the former president said it would be easy for the IRS investigate the complaints.

Os parties, he said, They will not seek campaign money in slums, but where it exists, that is, with company directors. He said that because of that his party supports the public campaign financing: “We need a profound political reform”.


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