Lula refers to the UN and says being chased by Judge Sergio Moro

The PT claimed to be the victim of human rights violations due to the actions of Operation Lava Jato.
28/07/2016 17h44 - Updated 28/07/2016 17h44
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva presented today (28) a petition to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (HIM) claiming to be victims of human rights violations due to the actions of Operation Lava Jato.

According to the petition, Lula says chased by Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the operation in the first instance, who accuses him of abuse of power.

Lula's defense complained about what it considers "illegal acts" committed by Moro, including the recording and disclosure of his private conversations with lawyers and also with the away President Dilma Rousseff, besides forceful presentation to a statement on 4 March.

The piece was filed with the Committee headquarters, Geneva, in Switzerland. According to the defense, the document is a response to acts of Moro, that "can not be satisfactorily corrected in the Brazilian legislation”.

According to the petition, Lula may suffer human rights violations and abuse of power by Moro and prosecutors of the task force of Lava Jato. Among the possible violations, the document lists "invasion of privacy, arbitrary arrest, detention before trial, presumption of guilt and inability to ward off a biased judge ".

no document, the defense said Lula always willingly submitted requests for police interrogation or prosecution and that does not seek the International Committee with the pretension of being above the law.

“As a former president, he does not exercise any function or holds any privilege, and always helped the police and prosecutors when asked to provide information on police investigations or other investigative procedures”, it added.

In addition to the declaration that the acts were illegal Moro, lawyers also asked the judge bias statement and that investigation be carried out by an "impartial judge".

"Lula seeks such a decision by the committee, in the hope and expectation that its views on those complaints will not only provide some compensation for the violation of their rights, but will help future governments in drafting laws and procedures that can improve the fight against corruption, while protecting the basic rights of suspects ", He highlighted the part.

the petition, the defense said, because of the conduct adopted by Moro, Lula had violated his right to presumption of innocence, It is still susceptible to be arrested and detained at any time.

"This judge is known for keeping suspects Operation Lava Jato prisoners indefinitely, in detention, until they make winning tipoff. They have no right to habeas corpus or access to a court that decides on his release, but a 'court' composed of the judge himself Moro. Although the complainant has not yet been arrested, as declared suspect he is vulnerable. "

The document cited the investigations into the alleged Lula ownership of a site in Atibaia, in São Paulo, and an apartment in Guaruja, on the coast.

The former president has denied the charges and said he supports the investigations since they are made of "fair and transparent manner".

"He [Lula] has, repeatedly and emphatically, denied having knowledge, nor which has approved such crimes or received any money or favors as “tip” by actions or decisions he has taken as president of Brazil, or at any other time ", completed petition.

Source: Agency Brazil

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