Battery godmother received 'mensalinho' former PT treasurer

Between 2010 e 2012, Viviane Rodrigues da Silva would have received R $ 61,7 thousand in 18 plots.
04/07/2016 17h20 - Updated 5/07/2016 09h58
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One of the whistleblowers Operation Lava Jato, former alderman of the PT in Americana (SP), Alexander Romano, o Chambinho, delivered to the Attorney depositary receipts, at the request of former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira, for battery godmother samba school and Recreational Society Charitable Staff of Restinga, Viviane da Silva Rodrigues. Between 2010 e 2012, godmother would have received R $ 61,7 thousand in 18 plots.

Paulo Ferreira had decreed prison in Operation Abyss, 31Second phase of Lava Jato, but it is already imprisoned since the end of June, Target Cost Brazil, that took the former Minister Paulo Bernardo (Planning / Government Lula and Communications / Government Dilma). In order arrest of former PT treasurer, the prosecution says Chambinho delivered 'a series of documents showing bank transfers and payments made at the request of Paulo Ferreira, further detailing the relationship between the recipient and the former treasurer '.

The values ​​for the battery godmother would come out of tuition fees of R $ 39 million that poured contracts of works of the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes), in the river.

"The documents presented by Alexandre Romano show making various deposits Viviane da Silva Rodrigues, what, second or partner, would be friends with Paulo Ferreira and his contact with carnival blocks. Research in open sources on the Internet reveals that Viviane is battery godmother of the same General Staff of the Restinga ", prosecutors point of Lava Jato task force.

To imprison Paulo Ferreira, Federal Judge Sergio Moro listed bank documents that would prove the eighteen transfers to Viviane - the first held in 14 from May of 2010, the latest in 28 August 2010.

In the arrest warrant, researchers highlight 'news pointing connecting Paulo Ferreira with that samba school'.

The document also cites videos on a celebration, in 2012, it would be the former treasurer anniversary on the Quayside, downtown Porto Alegre.

The task force Operation Abyss transcribes news section published on social networks about a celebration for the anniversary of former PT treasurer. "A double tribute to Paulo Ferreira, by their 53 years of life and his new venture in Brasilia, which he was recently sworn in as federal deputy for the Workers' Party (PT). The party was attended by many guests and also party colleagues. Paulo Ferreira is a very beloved figure by the General Staff of the Restinga, always helping and supporting our community samba school, bi¬campeã Carnival of Porto Alegre (2011/2012)”, or text reports.

"And for this reason the school could not fail to be present at this party, taking part of its members to make a great show to enliven the birthday girl and her guests. A TV Restinga, who was invited to this tribute, He made sure to record everything that happened tonight celebrations. Congratulations Paulo Ferreira and a lot of luck in this new journey! Tell us and we count on you to continue supporting and working for our community!.”

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