More of 60% Brazilians do not prepare for retirement

Most only has the benefit of the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
05/07/2016 11h34 - Updated 5/07/2016 11h34
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More than half of Brazilian economically active life do not prepare for retirement, with only the benefit of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) when to stop working. It reveals that the survey released today (5) the credit bureau (SPC) Brazil.

The study indicates that 74,1% workers contribute in some way to the INSS, either as an employee or self-employed, but, excluding public pension, six to ten respondents said they did not make any kind of investment aimed at retirement.

For the chief economist at SPC, Marcela Kawaut, research confirms an already current impression among experts: Brazilians do not prevent against the reduction of income that will stop working when they need. "And the older, more expensive health plans and the more likely to have health problems that require expensive remedies ", alert.

In addition to the benefit of the INSS have a very low value in relation to the active income, economist emphasizes that public retirement may prove to be even more restricted with the changes in Social Security today discussed by the government. Therefore, we recommend some type of application that can provide a financial supplement in the future.

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More than misinformation, However, the study shows that lack of resources is the main reason for the Brazilian did not prepare for retirement consistent with their status as current life.

"Unfortunately, I do not do anything because they do not spare money ", Borges said Cintia, massage therapist of 45 years who lives in Brasilia, It has a formal contract with two children. "I would, because you can not rely on the INSS. That is why, or it goes through my head this idea of ​​retiring, to stop working. "

It's what they think 38,8% of respondents, who they said they imagine a fall in the standard of living if they retire. Others 13,3% They consider that they can never stop working.

Of the respondents who answered do some kind of reservation, in addition to the INSS, to increase income at retirement, 19,2% They said putting money in savings. Only 6,2% people revealed contribute to a private pension plan, e 6,1% responded invest in real estate. The average amount of this reserve is R $ 258,00 monthly.

Source: Agency Brazil

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