More of 80 people linked to robberies and homicides in Manaus are arrested

Prisões ocorreram durante a operação ‘Capital Segura’. Suspected of drug trafficking and rape are also among detainees.
15/07/2016 15h14 - Updated 15/07/2016 16h40
Photo: Press Release / PC

In Manaus, 87 people were arrested, and 85 in compliance with the arrest warrants for various crimes and two people in the act, during operation “Capital Segura”, erupted throughout this week in all areas of the capital. Police say most have links to drug trafficking, murders and rapes.

Total, from Monday (11) until the morning of Friday (15), They have been met 87 warrants, and 15 for theft, 10 for drug trafficking, 14 homicide, nine for murder and attempted 39 for other offenses.

During operation, two people were arrested, in the act, one per traffic in the North Zone, and another for receiving in the East Zone of the capital of Amazonas.

The director of the Metropolitan Police Department (DPM), delegate Geraldo Eloi, stressed that the aim of the operation is to feel if security society. According to him, survey the areas for compliance with the warrants began two weeks ago.

The Secretary of Public Security Amazon (SSP), Sergio Fontes, He said that there are warrants and suspects to be arrested. “With the withdrawal of people, we will reduce crime. Many of them committed several crimes. And with the release of their images, victims can seek the police to make a complaint”, said.

Source: G1

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